Configuring access rights for cards of a module

This tutorial has for purpose to guide you in the configuration of access rights for cards of a specific module.

The Card section of each module settings generally consists in 2 categories:

  1. Access
  2. Restrictions




This category allows you to choose which cards can be viewed and/or edited by the user. 

It works based on a principle of cards. For each chosen perimeter, you can then add access rights to read and/or write on a card.

Selecting access rights


  1. Click on "Edition of access rights"
  2. Select the perimeter for the cards you wish to give reading/writing access rights to

I.e. "Their agencies" gives access to all cards assigned to the manager's agencies.

Selecting reading and editing rights 

Once you have chosen the perimeter, a card is created, giving you the possibility to select rights to read and write on data related to cards of a module (Candidates, Resources, etc.) :

  • Main data
  • Administrative data
  • Actions
  • Positionings
  • Projects
  • Invoices
  • etc.

For each data group, choose if you wish to give the user permission to read and/or write on data.


 Good to know: 

  • Selecting Writing access, automatically activates Reading access.
  • Clicking on the column's title (Read or Write) has a "select all" function therefore gives access to all data groups.

Adding perimeters

You can create multiple cards to take into account all the possible scenarios you wish to work with.


This category allows you to apply access restrictions to specific cards or to specific data groups in accordance with certain filters.

Filters are specific to each module. 


Restrictions only apply if the user and their N-1 are not main manager of the card.

Excluding cards


  • Click on "Edition of restrictions" to view the drop-down menu
  • Choose the filters to apply (i.e. for the Candidates module, the types of resources concerned)
  • Finally, select the tabs that need to be restricted in the Read/Write columns by checking out the boxes

Duplication for the win! You can duplicate rights from one card to another, Access rights as well as Restrictions.


  • Click on the card to duplicate
  • Click on "Duplicate"
  • The drop-down menu will allow you to then select on which new perimeter you wish to duplicate rights

Please refer to the article Create and configure a role in order to go further in the configuration of modules. 

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