Configuring miscellaneous rights of a module

This tutorial has for purpose to guide you in the configuration of miscellaneous rights of a module

The Miscellaneous section allows you to go further in the configuration of certain rights such as:

  1. Main authorizations
  2. Assigning
  3. Other



Main authorizations

In this category, you can give access rights to:

  • Creating cards in the module in question
  • Deleting cards in the module in question


    If this option is enabled, the user will have permission to delete cards even in cases where they only have reading access to "Main data".



In this category, you can define rights to assign a card:


  • Main manager and/or HR manager: 
  • Managers of their agencies 
  • Managers of their business units
  • Managers of their poles
  • Their managers N-1
  • Themselves
  • Agency:
  • All agencies
  • Their agencies
  • Their main agency
  • Poles
  • All poles
  • Their poles
  • Their main pole

 Good to know:

In the "Customize" column, you can add any agency, business unit, manager and/or pole that do no fit in "Allowed values" (i.e. another pole other than their assigned pole).


In this category, you can select a few options. 

These options are disabled by default in general as they give extensive rights. 

 Good to know: 

The suggested options generally go with a "tooltip" that displays an explanation when hovering on it.


  • Edit creation dates
  • See cards marked as "Visible for you only"

Please refer to the article Create and configure a role in order to go further in the configuration of modules.

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