BoondManager provides a feature that allows mass modification of fields such as the state, perimeter, etc., of your cards. This feature is available across various modules of BoondManager.

: Firstly, you need to select the cards you want to modify, either one by one using the checkbox, or all at once using the checkbox at the top of the column. Note that if you want to modify all cards, it is necessary to go through all the pages one by one if there are multiple pages (as there is a limit of 30 cards per page).

: Choose what you want to modify (Click to select the "field" you are going to modify)

  • Main manager: changes the Main Manager field ( HR manager is also available to edit in the Candidates & Resources module)
  • State or Stage: changes the "State" field of your cards
  • Sector of activity: (only for the CRM module): changes the Activity area (sector) of the companies selected 
  • Flag: allows you to associate your cards to a flag (or to unselect the flag/flags of the selected cards
  • And other fields: Add an influencer, Pole...




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