To celebrate this new year and to put some sparkles in your eyes, the whole team is proud to introduce you these new features you've been waiting for.


Navigation and collaboration

✍️Signing your documents electronically

This new feature will allow you to send requests for electronic signatures of your documents from BoondManager:

  • HR contracts

  • business offers/quotations

  • ...

You can monitor the progress of the signature and find signed documents directly in your Resources', Candidates' and Opportunities' cards. 


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🎨Get the perfect state color!

Your state colors do not match their meaning? Time for change!

This new feature allows you to choose the color associated with each card State in the Administration. You get to choose from a 20 color palette🌈.

For example, Red could be used for high priority states and Green could be used for achievements. 😉


HR management


🕵️‍♀️Creating and sending forms to collaborators

This new feature allows you to set up forms from BoondManager in order to send them to your collaborators.


The results can later be found in the related card on BoondManager.

Link to the related article.


Other new features


🧾Viewing the billing intermediary

From now on, you will be able to differentiate the final client from the invoiced client (rank 2).

Yes, you will be able to precise on each project if there is a billing intermediary. If this is mentioned, order cards will automatically get the billing information of this company (billing information, VAT number, supplier number, etc.)


Link to the related tutorial.


📨Integrating email source formatting in actions

Thanks to this new feature, it is now possible to keep the source formatting (html) of an email added in Actions through our online Gmail and Outlook add-ons.


The following elements will therefore be copied:

  • line breaks

  • lists (bullet points and numbered lists)

  • hyperlinks

  • bold / italic / underlining

  • ...

📱Mobile Apps: an even greater dashboard 

Vous You can configure your app's dashboard with more ease by clicking on the gearwheel of each widget: 


As a reminder, your dashboard allows you to have a quick peak but also to have a one-click access to:

  • Timesheets, expenses & absences documents to validate
  • Your metrics on candidates, resources, companies, contacts and opportunities meeting a particular criteria 
  • Your data (candidates, resources, companies, contacts, opportunities) filtered according to the configuration of your widgets


 Additional settings

From your dashboard, you can click on the gearwheel at the right top corner in order to access to:

  • The order and configuration of your dashboard's widgets
  • The order of menus suggested in your application
  • The exit door (logout button in order to log on another account)

We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have other questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

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