Thanks to our partnership with Universign, we give you the opportunity to sign your administrative documents (contracts, business offers...) and to monitor their reception and manage potential reminders directly from your BoondManager interface.


Only people who have access rights to the Administration on BoondManager will be able to install and configure the access to this application. 


Installing and configuring the app

Administration > Apps / Marketplace section > Marketplace tab > "Signature électronique" app





 Good to know

Only people who were given access rights to the app will be able to use the electronic signature feature. We recommend you to make it "Accessible for all managers".

Sending a document for a signature

Once the app is installed on your BoondManager interface, you will find the electronic signature icon at the top right corner of a few types of cards (Resources, Candidates and Opportunities), allowing you to initiate the electronic signature process for the document of your choice.


When clicking on this icon, a window pops up with the following information: 


  1. Uploading a PDF document
  2. Choosing the location to save the document once signed
  3. Selecting the signer's email (among the emails entered on BoondManager)
  4. Selecting the signer's phone number (among the numbers entered on BoondManager)
  5. Possibility to add other signers (up to 4 signers possible, signers should be present in your BoondManager's database)
  6. Countdown of the remaining signed documents you have in your pack

When clicking on the "Send" button:

  • The sent document is automatically added to the chosen location with a "Signed document requested" status.
  • In the Pending tasks section, you can see who sent the document, when it was sent and also see the status of the signature



 Good to know

The email is sent to the signer(s) by our partner Universign. It is, therefore, not possible to edit the email sent. 


Electronic signature 

The entire signature process is done on the Universign environment.

Your signer(s) will have the following path: 

  1. Clicking on the link received by email
  2. Accepting the Universign conditions
  3. Confirming the signature via a code sent by text
  4. Signing the document

Electronic signature process 

Once the document is sent, here's the signature procedure that your signer(s) will follow: 


For the electronic signature to be approved by Universign, a verification code is sent by text to the signer(s).

Once the signature process is over, the sender and the signer(s) receive an email informing them that the document was signed and also allowing them to download the signed document. 


Once the electronic signature process was started from BoondManager, the signer(s)' phone number cannot be changed. It is important to enter the right phone number from the beginning on BoondManager. 

Receiving the signed document on BoondManager

On BoondManager, you will see the task as completed. You will also be able to see the entire electronic signature process, as well as the signed document in the decided location.



Our partner Universign plans an automatic reminder after 3 days.

This reminder is handled by Universign, we have no way of editing these settings. 


Costs and conditions

Thanks to our partnership with Universign, you benefit, as a BoondManager client, from the following rates: 

The first 100 signed documents are free 🥳 🎉 !

You can then reload your account according to the following contracts:

  • 100 signed documents - 80,00 € excluding taxes
  • 250 signed documents - 180,00 € excluding taxes
  • 500 signed documents - 340,00 € excluding taxes
  • 1 000 signed documents - 500,00 € excluding taxes

How to subscribe to a contract

To subscribe to one of these contracts, you can go to your BoondManager subscription section (Your name > Subscription). 

You will find the different packs there. You can then reload your credits and monitor the remaining credits. 


  1. Selecting the pack
  2. View on the available credit after confirming the new pack
  3. Confirming the reload

 Is Universign a certified partner? 

Universign is a trustworthy service provider, admitted by French and European authorities, as well as eIDAS certified.

 Can I change the emails sent for document signing and the reminder emails?

These emails are sent by Universign and cannot be changed. 

 Is a reminder planned if the signer(s) haven't signed yet? 

Universign plans to send an email reminder after after 3 days

 Should I add a signing section in my document? 

We recommend you not to prepare/add a signing section to your document. The signature will be added to a blank page following the last page of your document

 Where can I find my documents once signed? 

You will find your signed documents in BoondManager in the location that was selected when sending the document.
You can also find all your signed documents at any moment when creating a free account on Universign

 How many signers can I add to the process?

You can add up to 4 signers for a same document. 

 Signing timesheet documents now goes through this partner?

No, timesheet signing remains the same different signature process and remains entirely free. This will not impact your Universign credits.

 How do you count credits?

A credit is deducted after the first signature and not after each signature. One signed document (with up to 4 signers) = 1 credit. 

 Can I cancel the electronic signature process?

As long as the last signer hasn't signed the document, you can cancel the procedure from the pending task on BoondManager. Once the last signer has signed the document, it is no longer possible to cancel or delete the document.  

We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

Reach out to our support team

Contact: (+33) 03 62 27 61 05


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