Notifications are essential allies in your activity's management. In order for this ally to always be by your side and for it to never be an obstacle to your good management and productivity, this article will guide you on what to do!

The notification center serves the purpose to centralize the entirety of notifications issued by BoondManager. You can configure notifications that you wish to receive but also choose on which medium you wish to receive it (web app, email, mobile app).


⚙️ Configuring notifications

In order to configure your notification center, you should:

  1. Click on the notification bell 
  2. Click on the cogwheel (configuration) 


Once you are in the configuration, you can, for each suggested notification:

  1. 🔕 Enable/Disable certain notifications: for them not to appear in your notification center anymore 
  2. 📨 Enable/Disable the notification issued by E-mail


 Activation tips

In order for notifications to be as relevant as possible, we recommend you: 

  • 🥵 not to enable all notifications: in this case, you will receive notifications that could potentially be useless to you and will make you lose interest in notifications therefore, make you give up on the good management of your notifications
  • 👨‍🦯 not to disable all notifications: in this case, you will not be alerted anymore and you may not be able to key information in order to efficiently manage your activity
  • 🤔 not hesitate to disable certain channels (email, mobile) : it is not useful to be alerted on each medium, this doubles the information, creates unnecessary stress AND harms our beautiful 🌍

Once you have saved your configuration, it will be taken into account for for your future notifications (this will not impact previous notifications).

 Why can I not enable/disable certain options?

Some notifications cannot be disabled as they are necessary for purposes of collaboration/management. Some notifications cannot be issued on the mobile app because the available modules on the app cannot yet allow to view/use the feature. 

However, you can disable email notifications for a great majority of notifications and you can "Mark all as read" (cf. the "👀 Marking a notification as read" section for more information).

Of course, this can change in the future so do not hesitate to share your needs and improvement suggestions by contacting our support team. (cf the end of this article).

🔔 Checking notifications

Hold on to your seats, this step is probably the most complex step you've ever seen/read (ed. it's a joke 🤭). For this, nothing simpler, from any page on BoondManager, click on the notification bell at the top right of the page


Once the notification tab is opened, you will see the list of notifications appear with the following information:

  1. Notification status: read/unread (cf. the "👀 Marking a notification as read" section)
  2. Category: notifications are sorted by tabs according to their category
  3. Number of unread notifications: a badge sums up this number by category (cf. "⏰ Keeping notifications for later" for more information)
  4. "Only show unread" filter: allowing you to focus on the essential (cf. "⏰ Keeping notifications for later" for more information)
  5. Configuring your notifications: as explained in the first part of this article (⚙️ Configuring notifications)


✔ Dealing with a notification

Notifications are there to alert you when there is an event that (usually) concerns you. As a result, in order to deal with them, you just need to click on the notification from your notification center.


By doing this, you will be redirected to the view that will give you further details on the related event. If for any reason, you do not wish to check the detail to this notification, you can simply mark it as "read" by referring to the section below.

👀 Marking a notification as "read"

 Dealt with = read

If you have clicked on a notification (to deal with it) then it automatically is considered as "read". 

If you do not need to check the detail of the card that resulted in this notification then you can simply mark the notification as "read". In order to do so, you can do it: 


By clicking on the circle at the right of the notification, you can "Mark as read" the related notification. By doing so, it will not be counted in the badge indicating the number of unread notifications for each tab.



You can click on "Mark all as read" in order to turn every notification of the tab ("Activity" or "Threads" tab) into a "read" status.

 All = Notifications of the displayed category 

When clicking on "Mark all as read", only the notifications of the tab that you have displayed will be marked as "read". This way, you can be updated on "Activity" notifications but still keep "Threads" notifications for later (or vice versa). 

⏰ Keeping notifications for later

No worries, just because you have viewed the notifications list doesn't mean you won't know what is left to deal with ("seen" does not mean "dealt with"). In order to keep notifications for later, do not hesitate to toggle between the "read"/"unread" statuses


How to focus on what's left to deal with?

For that, you have the possibility to enable the "Only show unread" filter. Afterwards, all you have to do is deal with or mark as "read" these notifications to stay updated.


We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

Reach out to our support team

Contact: (+33) 03 62 27 61 05


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