If you created a duplicate of a company by accident in your CRM, this feature was made for you! 

This feature allows you to regroup data from a company card to another in just one click


How does merging work?

This feature allows you to merge a Source company card (S card) into a Destination company card (D card) in order to regroup all data on one card only


The merging process of an S company into a D company precisely consists in: 

  • Copying billing information from the S company to the D company 
  • Reassigning contacts, opportunities, projects, purchases, orders, invoices, actions and discussion threads from the S company to the D company
  • Regroup attached documents from the S company on the D company (Warning: if the total sum of documents from S+D cards exceeds the current limit of 10 attached documents, an error message will show up)
  • Deleting the S company without copying the remaining information (data in the 'Information' tab, data related to apps such as OrganizationCharts, SEPA, etc.)
What's required for merging a card?
  • Must have deleting rights on CRM company cards 
  • Must have writing rights on all cards associated with the S company card (i.e. contacts, actions, opportunities, projects, orders, purchases, etc., if there are any
Merging company cards


  • Merging companies is non-reversible
  • Data from the source card will be deleted
  • We recommend you to carefully read the "How does merging work?" section before proceeding.


In order to merge two companies:

  1. Open the Source card 
  2. Click on the "..." button in the header, then click on "Merge"
  3. Select the Destination card > Read the warning on the consequences of merging 
  4. Rights check for merging
    • If the rights check is complete ➡️ It means you have the sufficient rights for merging ➡️ Click on Launch to start merging
    • If not ➡️ Your rights are not sufficient and you cannot proceed with the merge ➡️ The user can only cancel and must edit their rights or contact their administrator
  5. A blue pop-up on the bottom right indicates the beginning of the merging process, then a green pop-up appears once the merge is done
  6. You can then check the merged card by clicking on "Open the merged card" on the green pop-up. 

 I cannot find the button to merge companies 

Please make sure that you have deleting rights on the source card.

 I get an error on my rights check and I'm told to contact my administrator

You MUST have reading, writing and creating rights for all related cards. For example, if you wish to merge a card that contains a related opportunity, into another card, you must have the access right to create opportunities. You may refer to the "What's required for merging a card?" section.

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