Sunny days are back and we have beautiful surprises to share with you in order to always ease your daily work.



🖥️  Customizable dashboards

This feature allows you to customize the content of your dashboard in order to monitor/manage your activity more efficiently

We have also provided you with new customizable widgets based on your chosen searching criteria:

  • Metric widgets: displays the number of occurence (i.e. number of "hot" opportunities, number of resources in "Intercontract" state, etc.)
  • List widgets: displays the results of this search 


📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial 📖

⚙️ Configuring columns in the Candidates module 

Customize your list view by freely selecting which columns you wish to display in the module as well as their sizes and display order. 

As a bonus, you get to resize the column of your choice simply by clicking on the border of a column and by dragging it to the right or left 🤩.


 Good to know

This feature is firstly integrated for the Candidates module but our goal is to extend this feature to other modules.

📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial 📖

👯 Merging companies

Merge companies and keep a clean database

  • delete duplicates created because of import errors or created inadvertently. 
  • regroup data after the purchase/merge of your clients' companies.


 Good to know:

We are starting off with the CRM Companies module but our goal in the future is to provide you the merging feature on other modules (contacts, candidates..).

📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial📖

🎉 Celebrating birthdays/arrivals

Keep yourself updated on important events in your company thanks to celebrations easily accessible from your notification center:  

  • 🎁 Birthdays
  • 🎉 Professional anniversaires (Seniority)
  • 🚀 Future arrivals 


📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial 📖

🤩 Overview tab in your Resource cards 


In order to make reading a Resource card more efficient, the new overview tab allows you to check: 

  • essential information (contacts, managers etc..
  • last activities associated with the resource (actions, positionings, deliveries...)
  • their absences planning on the current period
  • ...
📱 Accessing actions straight from your phone

It has arrived! 🎉

From now on, you can check, edit and create actions from our mobile app

Whether you are in your car, at your lunch table or in your living room, you are now one-click away from information 😉.


🌗 "Automatic" variable for the dark theme 

In October 2022, we provided you with the possibility to display Boond in dark mode. All that was missing was an additional setting that would allow you to match with your system's configuration. From now on, you get to choose in your themes between: 

  • Light mode
  • Dark mode
  • System parameter (to match with, for example, your device's automatic mode

We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

Reach out to our support team

Contact: (+33) 03 62 27 61 05

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