August usually equals vacation but at BoondManager, our teams got their hands full! We are proud to introduce you these new features and updates.

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Positionings improved 

The positionings process was redesigned to allow you to: 

  1. directly select candidates or resources without having to go through the list search view
  2. use profile suggestions
  3. do a basic research 

Creating positionings process.png

📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial 📖

💡 BoondSuggest for profiles (Opportunities module)

Save some time searching for profiles by checking candidates and resources directly suggested by BoondManager in the Opportunities module.

Editing BoondSuggestion criteria.gif

📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial 📖

👯 Merging CRM contacts

Merge your contacts and keep a clean database

  • delete duplicates created because of import errors or created inadvertently
  • regroup the data of a contact card to another card in one click

Merging contacts.gif

📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial 📖

🔎 Dynamic previous periods

New dynamic periods are now completing the existing list to offer you more filtering possibilities 🚀: dynamic previous periods

  • Yesterday

  • Last week

  • Last month

  • Last quarter

  • Last half-year

  • Last year

  • Last fiscal year

Previous dynamic period.png


For Actions and your invoices due dates: you'll be able to filter data "until today". 

🖥️ Dashboard: new widgets

Metric and list widgets are now available for the following modules: 

  • actions
  • purchases

  • projects
  • billing

New widgets for dashboard.png

📱 Improving mobile dashboards

Add unlimited widgets to your mobile dashboard (i.e. 3 gadgets on the Actions module with different filters). 

You can now edit titles so unleash your creativity 🚀❤️👌.

Display financial indicators (such as the Total Estimated Turnover ET for the Opportunity module)!

Finally, you can compare the displayed data to a previous period in order to monitor your performance.

New widgets for dashboard.png

We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

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