We are very excited to present you the new features our teams prepared for you this summer. 

HR management

🔔 Managing documents with expiration dates 

Whether it's residence permits or collaborators' certification, there are always documents with an expiration date and managing them is generally not an easy task. 

Thanks to BoondManager, this time-consuming task becomes child play and you can easily: 

  • define which are, for each resource, the documents to follow up

  • be alerted when a document is about to reach their expiration date ;

  • choose to disable an alert or renew the document

Documents to follow up.png

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🔂 Managing probation periods

In order for you to manage and monitor your employees' probation periods at best, you can:

  • label a probation period as validated (and disable the associated alert) ; 

  • indicate that a probation period was renewed

  • easily define an end date for a probation period with the calculation (contract starting date + x months

    Adding a probation period.gif

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Browsing and collaboration

✍️ Editing a card's state from the Overview tab 

Editing the state of a card directly from the Overview tab is now possible, allowing you to save time when qualifying and managing profiles. 

Changing state overview tab.gif

📑 Overview tab in the CRM module

In order to make reading a company and contact card more efficient: this new overview will allow you to check: 

  • essential information (contacts, managers...)
  • latest associated activities (actions, positionings, deliveries...)
  • ...

CRM Overview tab.gif

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⚙️ Configuring columns for other modules

This feature is already integrated in the Candidates module but we have expanded it to our other modules: resources and actions.

As a reminder, this feature allows you to: 

  • Customize the list view by selecting the columns to display as well as their order of display.

  • Resize the width of columns of your choice simply by clicking on the edge of a column and dragging it left or right 🤩.

Columns resource module.gif

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🧾 Managing partial payments

This new feature allows you to easily monitor your invoices thanks to a history of associated payments (amount and date) and also allows you to check the remaining balance. 

Partial payments.gif

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Other new features

📑 Sharing your action templates

This new feature allows you to share your action templates with your manager colleagues. 

Sharing action templates.gif

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📨 Sharing your email templates

Another one! This new feature allows to also share your email templates with your manager colleagues. 

Sharing email templates.gif

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📁 Deleting/Archiving reference tools in Global settings 

In order to make your drop-down menus lighter, you now have the possibility to delete/archive

  • types of opportunities/projects with a "Recruitment" or "Product" mode (archive only)

  • types of resources and candidates ;

  • HR data reference tools;

  • states/stages.

With a clear interface 🧹, your users' data entry can only improve 😁.

📱 Mobile App: notification center

Discover the notification center on our mobile app (Activities, Discussion threads etc.) 


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