Our Digital Workplace app offers you a space for sharing information with all your collaborators!

  • Make documents available to your collaborators by agency and by type.
  • Inform your collaborators about company news/updates through publications.

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Installing & configuring the app

  Need help with installing the app?

It's very simple! We invite you to check our dedicated tutorial! Don't forget to edit the app's visibility according to your preferences and needs. 

Configuring access rights

You have the possibility to adjust different elements for the use of this app, including:

  • Which publication the manager can see when going on the app;
  • Which publication they can read and/or create and edit;
  • Whether they can upload documents or not;

For that, first go to: 

Administration > Manager/Role > the role of the concerned manager

Finally, specifically access the settings of the Digital Workplace app by going through:

Apps module> Digital Workplace > Configuration cogwheel

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Publication rights

Publication search view

You will be able, in the first place, to configure the search view of publications, meaning the list of publications that the manager can see when arriving on Digital Workplace!

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  • Filter by agency: choose here whether the manager can view and filter articles from all your agencies combined or only from the agencies to which they belong.
  • Filter by type: here, you can decide whether the manager can view and filter articles available for all types of collaborators (internal consultant, office manager, director, etc.) or only for their own type.
  • The "Customize" column allows for specific cases (e.g., allowing to view publications from a specific agency or type).
  • The "see all group cards" option allows authorizing the viewing of all publications. This cancels the implicit restriction of the filter search above.

Access to reading/writing publications

Next, go to the "Card" tab. It will allow you to set on what criteria the manager can read and/or modify a publication. And for that, you can add perimeters under "Access" or "Restriction."

For Access, you can choose between 3 perimeters and grant the right to read, write, or both!

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For Restriction, you can restrict access depending on the type of manager.


Creation & deletion rights

To grant a manager the right to publish or delete publications, simply check the corresponding boxes.

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  Want to learn more about configuring rights?

You'll find all the information on role creation and rights management in our dedicated article!

Document management rights 

The right to add or delete documents made available is solely determined by the checkbox you can see below, located in the Miscellaneous tab of the app's settings.

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Publishing a post

To create an article, go to your Digital Workplace app from: 

Menu bar> Apps > Digital Workplace

  Access Digital Workplace more easily

To find the application more easily and to not miss anything, you can integrate it directly into your menu bar. This article explains how to do it in just a few clicks!


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Within the app, click on "Configure" next to "Publications" to access the section reserved for editors. Finally, click on the "plus" button to start drafting the publication!

You will then see the following pop-up:


  1. Enter the title of the publication here.
  2. Next, choose the target audience for the publication. This is where you set who will be able to see your publication. You can select different perimeters simultaneously (by agency and/or by type of consultants).
  3. Write the content of your article here. At the bottom of this frame, you will find the same editing toolbar as for the Actions module.
  4. Click on Publish, and your article will be online instantly!
Making a document available

To make a document available, go to your Digital Workplace app from:

Menu bar > Apps > Digital Workplace

Within the app, click on "Configure" next to "Documents" to access the section reserved for document contributors.

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To facilitate organization, all your documents must be sorted in Categories.

To add a category, simply click on the orange "plus" button on the top right.

Création de catégorie de documents.gif

You can then choose the title of the category and add a description if you wish. To enhance understanding, feel free to add information about the content of this category in the "Description."

Once the category is created, or if the category already exists, click on it to access and add a document:

Ajout d'un document.gif

  • First, upload the document from your computer.
  • The title will automatically take the name of the file, but you can manually change it.
  • Specify which type(s) of collaborators can access the documents.
  • And which agency(ies).
  • Confirm. You can add more documents if you desire.

When you confirm, the following pop-up will appear: 

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It allows you to specify, for this category, which document should trigger a notification to the concerned collaborators.



  Are my collaborators alerted about new documents and publications?

Absolutely! On the Document side, you can choose whether or not to notify them with each addition. On the Publication side, it's automatic.

They will find the information in their notification center.

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  Is there a limit to the number of document categories?

You can create up to 10 categories, each containing a maximum of 30 documents.

  My categories are out of order, what should I do?

From the category addition screen, you can click and drag them into the order of your choice!

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  Can I view documents and publications on my Dashboard?

Certainly! You will find a new widget available to add in the dashboard configuration!


It displays the number of accessible documents for you and provides a view of the last 3 publications.

  Can I attach a file to my publication?

Certainly! This is possible after saving the publication for the first time.

  Why can't I share a publication or document with an agency or a resource type?

The available sharing list depends on the same sharing rights as for discussion threads and Boond card sharing.

We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

Reach out to our support team

Contact: (+33) 03 62 27 61 05

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