How to request an absence and consult leaves counters?

My Profile => “My Absences”menu


(1) then click the “+” to add a request 

My Profile => “My Absences” menu => Absence request


(2) In the “New period” frame select the month, the absence type and the days you wish to request for THEN click on the “ Add These Absences periods” button.


(3) Once you have done all your absences request, click on “Save” Button.


(4) Click on "Validate" button to finalize your request. An email will be sent to the person who is in charge of validating your request.

Once this person have validated your request, It cannot be edited by you.


N.B. :  The Resource’s time sheet will automatically be pre-filled with validated absences. Then, if the resource edits pre-filled absences (on timesheet) the following message will display “the absences entered do not match with your absence request”




N.B. : If the time sheet has been created before the absence request has been validated, the absence will not appear in the time sheet.

If the time sheet has already been created, the following warning will display “the absences entered do not match with your absence request”


2 –My Profile > "Absences account" menu


This tab displays leaves counters. These counters take into account absences filled in time sheets but also your administrator’s settings (quotas at the beginning of the period + monthly increments + automatic postponement of unconsumed absences)


N.B. : Original settings will not display the leaves counter. Only your administrators can change this setting.


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