PlanProduction - Graphic display of reported times & absence requests

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PlanProduction allows for a graphical view, for a give month, of reported times as well as absence requests from resources: 


  1. Display of planned times thanks to the ResourcePlanner application
  2. Display of submitted absence requests
  3. Display of times entered on timesheets
  4. Affichage du plan de charge, Display of workload (production plans)
  5. Quick access to the ResourcePlanner app
  6. Quick access to existing and new timesheets to create

With this app, your managers and resources can:

  • Quickly check planned times against actual clocked times,
  • Quickly check workload against planned/clocked times, 
  • Quickly check absence requests and actual absences taken,
  • Supervise actual and forecasted production,
  • Pre-fill planning data quickly based on projects & opportunities,
  • Pre-fill Timesheets quickly based on projects.

Good to know: 

PlanProduction can also be used to enter timesheets for resources in advance for the upcoming months. Simply go to the desired month and click on the mceclip0.png icon to access the timesheet and add planned times.

If given access, from the Administration, the employee can also perform this action directly from their intranet account.


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