Discover how to submit your expenses thanks to BoondManager !



1- Add new expenses

Intranet > menu > Expenses

  1. Click on the month you'd like to submit expenses for :
  2. Filling in your expenses :
    1. The + button to create a new line : with or without receipt
      As for now, if you use a receipt, Boond will take care of pre-filling your expense with the recognised elements
    2. Add a title to your expense and describe as much as possible. You have a checkbox to tick if the expense is to be invoiced to the client
    3. Adding fixed expenses. If fixed expenses have been linked to your contract, they will be pre-filled automatically each month. If the fixed expenses are linked to your delivery, you'll need top click on the button +Add projects expenses

Good to know : 

You can add a receipt. This will allow you to follow up and check more easily. Indeed, when your expenses will be validated, an icon will be displayed to indicate that a receipt has been attached.



For the daily contractual expenses, the tool will pre-fill every working day of the month. It's then up to you to delete or add expenses depending on the activity you have declared.

Once your actual and fixed expenses will have been added, you'll get the following summary :


  1. You'll see each line for the different expenses, precising if they need to be reinvoiced to the client and if you have attached the receipt/
    You can stil modify or delete thanks to the buttons at the end of each line Capture_d_e_cran_2020-04-17_a__16.54.55_copie.png
  2. For the fixed expenses, you'll have a calendar view
    You can still modify or delete thanks to the following buttons Capture_d_e_cran_2020-04-17_a__16.54.55_copie.png
  3. Finally, you'll see the summary of the actual and fixed expenses as well as the expenses to be reinvoiced to the clients.

NB :

Each color corresponds to a different type of expense

2- Saving and sending for validation

Once your expenses filled in, you can :

  • save it as a draft
  • validate it and thus notify your next validator. Once the validator approves your expenses, you won't be able to edit anything.

Good to know : 

You can generate a PDF with the expenses to be reinvoiced to the client only

3- Summary view

In the summary view displaying all of your monthly expenses, you'll see the total amount and you'll be able to know if you've already been paid back.


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