AbsenceBalances helps you with the bulk consultation/modification of absence balances and custom quotas for all your resources.


Installing & configuring the app

Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Marketplace tab > AbsenceBalances



Don't forget to then activate the application for the concerned manager(s).

Administration > Managers / Roles > manager / role card > Apps tab



How it works


  1. Listing by perimeter, resource type, state, period, and absence type (see screenshot below)
  2. Ability to import external files into BoondManager to update absence balances in bulk
  3. Excel/CSV extraction of selected absence balances


How to use it

When updating the balances, it's important that the actual acquired balance (or "N-1 Leave") and the balance currently being acquired ("N Leave") reflect the same data as the payslips.

So, it's up to you to "play" with the Acquired and Being acquired to update the balances.

Be sure to verify that all your timesheets are validated and to consider that your employee may have already taken leaves (Consumed column).

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