BoondManager provides your employees with an intranet so that they can fill in their timesheets, expense reports and absences requests.

Resources are automatically routed to their Intranet to provide information about their time, expenses and absences. As for Managers, they must click on "My Profile" to access their timesheets, expenses reports, absences requests, leaves counter and projects.

In option, you can

  • allow them to view their leaves counter
  • allow them to edit their technical file (DT). 

This intranet is also useful to manage projects. For fixed deliverable projects, resources with "Project Manager" status can get a simplified access to project files they are in charge of (consult the number of each Resources completed days on the project they work on, consult / edit some tabs " Lots-Milestones "and" Consumption "...).


NB : You can access to BoondManager from your smartphone by downloading the Mobile App on : Google play, Apple store or Windows phone!

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