Creating & sending quotations

The Devis/Quotations application allows you to create a quote and send it to your clients/prospects based on your opportunities and positionings.


Installing & configuring the app

  Need help with installing the app?

Nothing could be simpler! We invite you to follow this dedicated tutorial! Also, remember to modify the visibility of the app according to your preferences.  

Configuring access rights to the app

Administration > Manager/Role > Role card of the concerned manager

Finally, specifically access the settings of the Quotations app through:

Apps tab > Devis/Quotations > Configuration (cogwheel)

You can:

Quotations settings

Administration > Legal Agencies > Advanced settings tab > Quotations settings with app "Quotations" 


You must:

  1. Determine the validity duration of the quote
  2. Indicate the default payment terms that will apply
  3. Define a quote reference mask
  4. Select the desired options
  5. Define legal notices
Creating a quote

Several options are available to you.

Creating a quote for multiple positionings

Opportunities module > Opportunity card > Information or Positionings tab

At the bottom of your page, the Quotations app appears.

By clicking on create a quote, BoondManager will take the active positionings.


Creating a quote for a single positioning

If you want to generate a quote for a specific positioning, you just need to:

  1. Verify the qualification of your positioning: sales price and number of days sold, 
  2. Click on the icon to create a quote

Capture d’écran 2023-12-27 à 11.36.05.png

 Good to know

You can configure your own quote template using the DocTemplates application.

Sending a quote


Creating billing details

CRM > Company card > Billing tab

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Synchronizing your account with Emailing

Apps > Emailing 

The Emailing: sending emails via BoondManager tutorial will detail the steps to follow. 

Sending process

Two options are available to you.

  1. By selecting the quote and clicking on Emailing icon
  2. Directly from the quote by clicking on the Emailing icon

Then, the process is simple

  1. Select the quote
  2. Check the Send a quote option
  3. Select your emailing template
  4. Proceed with sending

envoi devis.gif

We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

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