CreateActivityDocuments is an App that allows you to create multiple timesheets and expense reports for the same month, or to fill out a timesheet in advance for the next month. 

If you're unsure about installing new Apps, don't hesitate to check the tutorial: How to install an App.


How it works

Allows generating multiple timesheets and multiple expense reports for the same resource in the same month! This App also gives the possibility to create documents in advance for up to 1 year!

Examples of use:

  • Creating a new expense report for a past month without having to revisit the validation of the previous one or creating an advance expense note or advance timesheet
  • Creating a second expense note or a second timesheet to account for a second mileage rate
  • Creating a new expense report if the first one has reached the limit of 50 included receipts
Installing & configuring 

Installing the app

Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Marketplace tab > Install

Once installed, the application will be automatically accessible to all your managers and resources. Only the list of documents to which each can access will differ depending on the permissions defined in the point.

Configuring the app 

Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Apps tab > CreateActivityDocuments > Configuration button

Authorize your managers and/or your resources to access it by going to your Administration > Apps/Marketplace > CreateActivityDocuments 

Click on the access configuration button Capture_d_e_cran_2020-06-08_a__11.36.25.png and indicate who will have access to the app.


  • By choosing "Accessible for all managers": all your collaborators with a Manager account can use the App.
  • By choosing "Accessible only for authorized managers": it's up to you to activate the App for the managers of your choice directly in the Managers/Roles module > Manager or Role card > Apps tab, then check at the end of the relevant line.
  • By choosing "Accessible for all resources and authorized managers": all your resources can use the App, as well as authorized managers as explained in the previous point.
  • By choosing "Accessible for all managers and all resources": all your collaborators with an active intranet can use the App. 
How to use

From the Manager interface

Authorized managers only need to create documents for the resources they have access to: on the card of the concerned resource > Timesheets tab > Apps icon > CreateActivityDocuments


Then you just have to choose the type of document to create (Timesheet or Expense) and the period: 


From an intranet account

By also allowing your resources to create documents from their intranet account, they just have to go to their Timesheets or Expenses tab then click on , select CreateActivityDocument and choose the type of document to create as well as the relevant period.


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