Advantages is an app accessible from the BoondManager app marketplace.

It allows you to visualize and extract at a glance all the benefits paid to your collaborators.


Installing the App and authorizing a manager to use it

For this part, it is necessary to have Administrator access.
If this is not your case, then you need to ask your Administrator to follow the installation and authorization steps.

Installing the app

Administration > Apps/Marketplace > Advantages > click on Install then Confirm

install advantages.png


Authorizing a manager or a group of managers to use the App

Administration> Managers OR Role tab> manager or role card > Apps section

To do this, you need to check the box next to the Advantages app and then Save.

autoriser un manager ou role.png


Advantages allow you to list all the benefits of your resources.

  • Listing by scope, type & resource state
  • CSV extraction of listings
  • Mass deletion of benefits generated by mistake

User interface > Apps > Advantages 

app advantages.png


  1. By opening the filters, you can choose the agency, resource type, and also filter based on the state of resources. You can also set a period to easily find the information you are interested in.
  2. Each data in the list is clickable to go directly to the advantage card, to view benefits and modify them if necessary. 
    Vous pouvez utiliser la checkbox sur la gauche de chaque ligne pour sélectionner en masse les avantages (pour les supprimer par exemple). You can use the checkbox on the left of each line to select benefits in bulk (for deletion, for example). 
  3. You can extract the list of benefits to Excel.

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