💸 Full Sales Guide: Mastering BoondManager as a Sales Executive

In this article, we will provide you with tutorials and a webinar that will enable you to manage your client relationships, from prospecting to signing a business opportunity.


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Creating your companies & contacts

Three options are available.

From LinkedIn

If you use Chrome or Firefox, we recommend installing our LinkedIn extension to create your contacts directly from this platform.

📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial📖 

Via import

If you have a large volume of data that is usable, then we suggest using the import feature.

📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial 📖  


If you prefer to manually create your companies and contacts, please refer to the following tutorials:

Qualifying your contact cards

Qualifying email addresses and phone numbers is essential for effective communication and to benefit from number recognition via the BoondManager mobile app.

However, if you need to quickly find contacts for sending emails or CVs (for example, during intercontract periods), you'll need to go further with qualifying your cards.

Using Activity areas & Tools

Qualifying these two fields will allow you to indicate what your contact is looking for, thereby conducting more efficient searches.

 How to configure Activity areas and Tools?

You need access rights to the Administration, to then go to Global Settings > HR and Sales Evaluations tab.

Managing your Opportunities & Positionings

To learn all about creating and qualifying your business opportunities and collaborator positionings, read the article about managing opportunities which will lead you to the relevant webinar and dedicated tutorial.
📖 Link to the dedicated tutorial 📖

Communicating with your contacts

BoondManager will simplify your communication with prospects and clients.

To optimize communication, you should:  

  • synchronize your account with Emailing to: 
    • send and archive your campaign or push messages,
    • create your email templates and share them with your collaborators. 


      BoondManager is not an email campaign tool. Sent emails come from your mailbox. We recommend limiting yourself to a maximum of 30 simultaneous emails to avoid being considered as spam.

  • use the Microsoft / Gmail add-on to archive your received emails directly into Boond
  • install the BoondManager mobile app to be able to: 
    • benefit from phone number recognition
    • never waste a minute to document your appointments,
    • manage your activity in real-time with dashboards, etc. 


In order to make your daily tasks easier, here are some tips and tutorials to go further in managing your sales:

  • Using the Contacts view in your CRM 
  • Configuring your columns to display the last action related your card
  • Using filters and searches to narrow down the relevant cards
  • Creating your actions directly from the Overview tab
  • Using action templates to save time and increase efficiency 
  • Using navigation controls to switch contact cards when making calls
    Calling clients and keeping records.gif
Tracking your activity

To track your activity, several features listed below will be useful

  • Using task lists to show your managers the process to follow in managing and tracking your opportunities
  • Checking your Alerts at the end of the day to ensure that you've handled your To-do-list properly
  • Archiving your email exchanges with your candidates/contacts using Microsoft / Gmail
  • Monitoring the progress of your opportunities and positionings with the KANBAN view:
    • on the Opportunities module to monitor your active opportunities
    • on the Positionings module to track the progress of your candidates/resources in the client process 

       Good to know: 

      You can use filters to exclude non-active states. This allows you to have a concise and clear view of your ongoing opportunities and positionings.

  • Using the Reporting module > Synthesis - Commercial view
  • Last but not least: Configure your Dashboards with the perfect dashboard for Sales teams. 😉

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