Our app, Microsoft, as well as the Outlook connector, offer interfacing with your Microsoft suite, which allows you to:

  • Create an event in your Outlook calendar from BoondManager
  • Create an action on BoondManager from an event in your Outlook calendar
  • Keep your BoondManager actions and Outlook events synchronized
  • Keep history of an email from your Outlook inbox on BoondManager 

To benefit from this, follow the steps below:  

1 - Installing the Microsoft app on BoondManager

Administrator interface > Apps/MarketPlace > Marketplace: 

For this step, all you have to do is: 

  • Look for the app Microsoft and open the app
  • Click on Install
2 - Authorizing a manager to use it 

Administrator interface > Managers/Roles > Manager/Role in question :

In order to do so, you should:

  • Check the box in front of the Microsoft app
  • In the "Apps with advanced functionalities" section, select Microsoft for the Calendar field 
  • Save!

N.B. : You should not set up Microsoft for the Mail field in the Apps with advanced functionalities section because, to this day, the Microsoft company does not hold this feature.

3 - Linking your Microsoft account to your BoondManager account

From your BoondManager interface, follow these steps below:

  • Go to: Your Manager interface > Apps > Microsoft
  • Log into your Microsoft account
  • Accept the conditions/authorizations requested by Microsoft
4 - Installing the BoondManager app on your Microsoft environment (Users) 

Installing the BoondManager app on your Microsoft user environment

From your Microsoft interface, follow the steps shown below:  

  • 1 - Go to your web interface Outlook.com (Email) 
  • 2 - Create a new email message
  • 3 - Click on the "..." menu then on Get Add-Ins 




  • Click on OK and Install
5 - Installing the BoondManager app on your Microsoft environment (Administrators)

Installing the BoondManager app for all users of your Microsoft interface from the Administrator console 

From your Microsoft interface, follow the steps below:

  • 1 - Go to your Admin interface


  • 2 - Go to Settings / Integrated apps then choose Add-ins 




  • 3 - Select Deploy add-in at the top of the page, then select Next



  • 4 - Click on Add a custom add-in


  • 5 - Click on I have a URL for the Manifest file 



  • Finally, click on Deploy


Congratulations! You now have the possibility to use the following features: 

Creating an event in your calendar from a BoondManager action

Usage example: you wish to create a reminder for a client meeting, to invite them to the event and to synchronize this reminder in your Outlook calendar.

You therefore create a reminder action on your CRM card then follow these steps below:

  • Click on Add to manager calendar


You will see then these fields appear. Some are auto-filled but you can always edit them! You can change the title, location, start and end dates, as you wish. And if you need to, you can also add/delete guests by entering their names (if they have a manager account on Boond) or by entering their email address:


Don't forget to save for modifications to be taken into account, especially in order to create/update the event in your calendar.

You can now refresh your Outlook calendar and find that the event was added/updated!




Warning: all guests will be able to see the content of the Event description in your BoondManager action, even once the event has passed. 

Be careful to only enter information that you wish to be visible to your guests since all new comments saved in this section will be copied to calendar invitations for every guest! 

Creating an action from an Outlook event

Creating an action form an Outlook even

Usage example: You create an Outlook event such as a client meeting and you wish to also save it in this client's card on BoondManager.

You therefore create a new event on Outlook, then follow the steps below: 

  • Enter the event information (title, potential guests, dates, comments etc.) 
  • Then click on the "..." menu on the top right and choose BoondManager
  • A section appears on the right of the event, and you can then indicate on which BoondManager card you wish to save this event. 
  • Use the search bar and filters to choose the right CRM card then click on Add:


  • NB : Once added, the event can be updated in the same way (from Outlook), in order to keep Outlook and BoondManager synchronized:


  • You can now check the details of your meeting in the CRM card of your client on BoondManager: 


And done! Your action was successfully created on your BoondManager interface! :-)

Creating an action from an Outlook email

Creating an action from your email

Usage example: You receive an email from a client on your Outlook inbox and you wish to save it on their BoondManager card.

You therefore open this email on Outlook, and follow the steps below: 

  • Click on the "..." menu on the top right of the email
  • Choose BoondManager
  • A section appears to the right, and the CRM card from BoondManager is automatically detected through the email addresses of the sender and/or recipient.
    • Important : the detection of the CRM card is done within the limits of your BoondManager access rights to this card
  • Then choose the type of action to create in the CRM card 
  • Finally click on Add


  • You can now find the email in the history of your client on BoondManager: 


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