⚒️ Customizing types of activity for your resources

Types of work units correspond to types of absences (i.e., vacation, days off, etc.), production, internal activities (i.e., structure, inter-contract, training, etc.) or exceptional situations (i.e., overtime, on-call duty, etc.) that your employees can report in their timesheets and absence requests.

You can choose which types of resources can report each type of work unit, thus simplifying their choices while maintaining control over your data.


Configuration for all resources

Administration > Legal Agencies > concerned agency > Activity & expenses tab 

You can determine which resources can access the configured time, absence, and internal typologies within your legal agency.

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Possible options

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You can:

  1. choose the type of activity you want to configure:
    Production, absence, internal, exceptional activity.
  2. determine to whom you grant authorization for this type of activity:
    All resources, certain types of resources, no resources.
  3. specify the types of resources concerned based on the selected authorization.
    Indicate an exclusion or choose the relevant types.

 Good to know

This configuration is proper to each legal agency.

Customizing per resource

By default, the work unit types for each resource are those configured in the legal agency of the resource.

However, you may have specific requirements for some of your resources.

Resources > Resource card > Configuration button

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To modify the default configuration, you just need to:

  1. Click on Edit
  2. Choose from the 2 options provided: 
    1. Not allowed.  
      The resource will not have access to any associated typologies.
    2. Customized.
      The resource will only have access to the selected types of time, absences, and internal activities.

 I work with external collaborators and I want to hide internal and absence-related activity types from their timesheets.

It's possible 😊. To achieve this, you need to customize the absence and internal activity input configuration by selecting 'Not allowed.'
This way, when your consultant logs their time, they will only see their production-related activity.

 Does this feature allow me to hide the 'Absences' tab for external resources?

Preventing the input of absence types will not hide the intranet tab for your resources. However, they won't have the ability to report any absences.

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