Create and manage your flags

Flags allow you to group and manage data per topic within the tool.

Thanks to this feature, you'll then be able to create customised subgroups gathering some important data to follow-up on (ex: historical clients, top-notch candidates, prospects who have just been contacted...)

This way, each manager can flag/unflag all the data he has a writing access on.

Create and manage your flags flags

« Firstname » at the top right hand corner  >  My flags


  • Write the name of the new flag you're creating
  • Click on « Create »


You can create as many flags as necessary. You can also rename them or delete them if need be.

Flag / Unflag a card

Relevant card > « Information » tab > flag icon at the bottom of your screen

  • Click on the flag icon
  • Select the flag to add
  • Click on the cross next to the flag name to unflag


Flag / Unflag different cards at the same time

(On the relevant module) > search filters


(1) Select the data to flag / unflag by ticking the boxes

(2) Click on the bulk change icon

(3) Choose the flag to add in the dropdown list

Finally, click on Confirm to add the flag(s)

Search for flagged data

Relevant module > search filters

  • Click on Advanced filters
  • Select the flag(s) to filter



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