Create the resources' intranet and share their access

For your resources to be able to declare their times, expenses and absences, you need to give them an intranet access. Here are the steps to follow.


Before creating your resource's intranet access


Carefully fill in the resource profile

Before activating a resource's intranet on BoondManager, please make sure that:

  • an email address has been filled in the "Email 1" field of the resource profile. This email will be used for emailings, approval or refusal of timesheets, expenses and absence requests. Make sure this email is being used by the resource!

    Resources > Resource card > information tab > "email 1" field

  • you have created the contractual data (contract type, start date, salary, expenses...). If you have not done it yet, click on the "+ Add a contract" button and fill in all of the fields.
    It's very important to fill in every contractual data as they will be used to calculate the Contract ADC (Contract ADC) which you will need to calculate the average delivery cost of the Resources on opportunities and projects.

    Resources >  Resource card > Administrative tab > Add a contract button
    ( cf aide en ligne : Create a resource from A to Z)

    Assign projects to your resources 

  • Your resource must be assigned to his/her ongoing projects so that he/she can declare his/her time and expenses. A resource can be assigned to (non full time) several projects at the same time.
    To do so, open the relevant project(s) to assign the resources

    Project > Project card > Deliveries tab > Click on the + button > Select the resource

    To check that your resources have been assigned to a project, use the Production plans in the Reporting module!

    Configure the Administrator interface

To do this part, you need to have an administrator access. 

From the Administrator interface > Legal agencies > Activities & expenses tab, you can set up:



  1. A date as from when the resources will be reminded to do their Times and/or Expenses
  2. Validation workflow for times & expenses (and further down the page for absence requests). Each time, you can select one of several managers to build the workflow.
  3. Timesheets work unit types et Expenses types which resources will be able to use on their timesheets and expenses
  4. The logo which will be displayed on timesheets
  5. The Expenses rates per kilometre

Configure and activate your resource's intranet 

Now that you've checked everything, let's get started :)

On the Ressource's profile



The email is correct! Click on the Settings cogwheel and let's continue! 

On the resource's settings page


    1. To activate the intranet, tick the box
    2. Check or edit the resource's Login and choose a first password.
      - By default the tool will suggest the resource's email1
      - When you'll be sharing the access, your resource will be able to change the password straight away
      - You can decide to reset the login and the password at anytime by clicking on "reset login and password"
    3. By default, the tool will suggest for the resource to do his/her times & expenses based on the date of "first employment". If you'd like him/her to start declaring as from another month, please select "To be defined" and select the desired month.
    4. By default, the validation workflow is the one that you have defined in the legal agency. However, you can customise it for each resource.
      (The default setting is defined in the Administrator interface > Legal Agencies module > legal agency card > Activities & expenses tab > default workflows) 
    5. You can also choose the language between French and English and change the time zone.
    6. This configuration enables you to choose which documents will be automatically generated each month.
      (The creation date can be set up in your Administrator Interface > Legal Agencies module > legal agency card > Activities & expenses tab > "Date of documents creation and mail to resources" field).
    7. Here you can configure the allowed absence types for each resource. By default, resources can declare any types of absence which have been configured in the legal agency.


      For external resources, do think of selecting only the authorised absences types or else they will be able to declare absences such as PTO.

    8. Authorise (or not) the resources to be able to declare exceptional activity on their timesheets.
      It's possible to allow the resources to tick a box so that they let you know they want to have recovery time.
    9. Save and it's now time to send out the access! Click on "Share access"  
Send out your resource's access

Once your resource has an active intranet, you'll be able to communicate them their login information so that they can do their times, expenses and absence requests.


Sharing the access  

  1. Select your resource in the dropdown list.
  2. Check the body of the message. You have a default template that you can customise in your settings
    (Administrator interface > global settings > Share tab > customise the text "Email to share a Resource access" and save).

  3. This box enables you to copy yourself into the message. 

  4. Click on the Share button to send out the message to your resource! Voilà!


To go further 

Bulk activate the intranet access  

You can bulk activate or deactivate your resource's intranet. To do so, you need to download the IntranetAccount app with your administrator's help.
(Administrator interface > MarketPlace > IntranetAccount > Install the app and activate the app for the managers who need it)

Have a look at the following tutorial about how to use IntranetAccount for more information!

Bulk communicate the intranet access  

You can bulk communicate the intranet access to your resources. To do so, you need to download the Emailing app with your administrator's help.
(Administrator interface > MarketPlace > Emailing > Install the app and activate the app for the managers who need it)

Visionnez le tutoriel prévu à l'utilisation d'Emailing pour plus d'informations !

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