In order to ease communication with your co-workers, we offer the possibility to have, just like chat rooms, discussion threads on each card.


Starting a discussion thread

If you wish to share information without leaving Boond while regrouping different interactions, then Threads are made for you.

From a card

On the Capture_d_e_cran_2022-10-10_a__15.17.45.pngshare button located at the top right corner of each card, you have two possibilities : 

  • Share: option to send an email from Boond to the mail inbox of another user with the link to the card and its general information
  • See threads: opens a chat on the card in question. You can then mention your co-workers and follow the conversation without leaving Boond while keeping close to the relevant information.
    An email is, nonetheless, sent to the people you mentioned for them to be notified.


When you share a card, each of the recipients can directly answer in BoondManager and call on other users by simply mentioning them. 😊

The goal is to allow you to centralize your interactions (formerly done by email) and to never lose them.

 Good to know:

When you choose the option to share, BoondManager will also start a thread on the shared card. You can then continue the conversation on the thread directly from this card.

From an 'action'


The operation here is the same, you can share the card to one or multiple recipients (with predefined groups) or start a discussion thread and mention as many co-workers as necessary. 

Following the discussion

Once the thread has started, an email is sent to the users mentioned with a link allowing them to respond to thread and check the concerned card.


You may now reply and mention the co-worker in question. 😊

Finding discussion threads

You happen to forget on which card you started a thread? 

Boond has a different icon that allows you to determine if there are threads on a card. Here it is: Capture_d_e_cran_2022-10-10_a__15.19.03.png 

From a card  


You can then access the existing threads and join in the conversation. 😊

From an 'action'


An icon is visible on the right of an 'action' card to notify when there is at least one discussion thread available.


We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

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