Schedule Billing : Invoicing your fixed-price project

Three possibilities are available to you for billing a project with a billing schedule.


Option 1: From the PostProduction app

Apps > PostProduction

This application, for a given month, will suggest billing projects if a schedule has been provided on the Order card for the selected month.

You have two methods for generating an invoice in the PostProduction application:


  1. Generate an individual invoice by clicking the "Generate invoice" button.
  2. Generate invoices in bulk by clicking the orange "Generate invoices" icon.

Each invoice generated through this App is automatically set to the "Proforma" state, meaning without a reference number, so that you can validate them from the Billing module.

If the button is grayed out, either:

  • You are missing an order
  • An invoice has already been issued during the selected month
Option 2: From the Billing module

You can identify invoices with a billing schedule that have not been generated from the Billing module.

Billing > Schedules view


  1. Set the "Order State" filter to "Current" to display only orders that need processing.
  2. You have the "Number of invoice" column to indicate, for each order, how many invoices have been generated.
  3. Each negative "Delta invoiced ET" shown in red on the screen indicates that the corresponding invoice has not been generated.
  4. Click the "Create Invoice" button."
Option 3: From the Order card of the related project

Projects > Project card > Billing tab > click on the concerned order 


  • Click on the orange "+" button and choose "Invoice"


  • Select the schedule you want to invoice in the pop-up window that appears.
  • Click the "Create" button.


  • Check the information automatically filled in on the Invoice card displayed on the screen (period, rate ET, quantity, fees, VAT, etc.) and complete any missing information if necessary.
  • Click on the "Save" button.
  • View the invoice in PDF format and/or send it directly by email to your client.

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