You have the possibility to reassign individually or in bulk data to another Manager. This can be done on the Candidates, Resources, Opportunities, Projects & Billing (Orders only) modules.


Reassign data

If you wish to reassign individually, the easiest is to go to the relevant data and indicate who the new Manager is on the Information tab.

Module > relevant profile > Information tab


Reassign in bulk

If you wish to reassign several data to another manager at the same time, we invite you to use the bulk change feature.

Relevant module


  1. Select the opportunities to reassign to another manager
  2. Click on the icon to reassign in bulk
  3. Choose the manager you'd like to assign the data to 
  4. Confirm the change


Only the Managers with the necessary rights can proceed with the changes. If you do not have enough permissions, get in touch with your administrator.


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