This tutoriel is dedicated to the Opportunities module and will help you create and qualify opportunities. You'll be able to estimate the potential turnover and margin but also to create positionings with candidates or resources and follow up on them.


Interactive walkthrough

Good news! If you have a doubt when creating an opportunity or if you would like to explain it to your new co-workers and share the best practices, BoondManager has put in place an interactive walkthrough system.

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Create and qualify an opportunity

An opportunity has to be linked to a CRM contact 

Create the opportunity

CRM > Contact card > click on the "+" button and select "Opportunity"



Qualify the opportunity


In the General information section, we advise you to at least enter : 

  1. The title of the opportunity
  2. The state of the opportunity
  3. The Type : delegation of skills, fixed price, recruitment...
  4. A description => call for tender, email received from the client/prospect. The idea is to centralise as much information as possible in BoondManager.

In the Additional information section, you can be more precise:

  1. Source of the opportunity
  2. Projected budged
  3. Estimated turnover
  4. Duration
  5. Start date
Create and qualify a positioning

Once the opportunity has been created, it's important to create at least one positioning with a candidate or a resource and to qualify it. This will enable you to estimate a turnover, a margin and a profitability.

Create a positioning

Opportunities > Opportunity card > Positionings tab


By clicking on "Create a positioning" a workflow will be displayed on the screen.


By default, you'll be redirected to the Candidates module but you have the possibility to switch to the Resources module as well.

Now you just need to : 

  1. Select the candidate(s) or the resource(s)
  2. Click on the "Add" button


You'll then have the possibility to click on the "Position" button.

Good to know: 

You can decide to notify the manager of the candidate/resource and the manager of the opportunity that a positioning has been created.

Qualify a positioning

To have an advanced qualification of the positioning. 

Opportunities > Opportunity card > Positioning card > click on the positioning


  1. Fill in the estimated date of the project. On the right, you'll see that the number of total working days will appear
  2. Indicate the Daily Sale Price
  3. Indicate the number of days sold
  4. If you have positioned a resource, his/her Average Daily Cost should appear by default in order to calculate the production cost within the period: (Nb of sold days+ Nb of free days)*ADC. If no ADC is displayed by default, this means that your resource doesn't have a contract (Administrative tab of the resource card). If you position a candidate, you'll have to manually enter his/her ADV (Average Daily Cost) in order to calculate the production cost within the period.

By qualifying the positioning, you'll be able to see the "Financial summary" of the opportunity.


Understand the financial summary of an opportunity

Here is a detailed explanation of the different figures.

Opportunities > Opportunity card > Positioning tab


  • Turnover ET = Daily Sale Price ET of the resource x Number of days sold
  • Cost ET = Average Daily Cost (ADC) of the resource x Number of days sold
  • Margin ET = Turnover ET – Cost ET
  • Profitability = Margin ET / Turnover ET x 100



You can activate or deactivate a positioning on an opportunity. This option will enable you to integrate positionings or not in the financial summary.


The box to tick located under the financial summary will enable you to replace the Estimated turnover on the Information tab of the opportunity by the total turnover of the active positionings.  


Create a Client Presentation action

This action will enable you to keep track of your client presentation by creating follow-up actions.

Opportunities > Opportunity card > Positioning tab


  • Click on the icon at the end of the line
  • Write the minutes of the meeting with your Candidate/Resource and your client
  • When saving the action, a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen to let you know that the action will be visible in the following cards: Candidate/Resource, Opportunities and Prospect/Client
  • You will then need to think of updating the state of the positioning  => Presented to the Client 
Transform an opportunity into a project

Once your opportunity is won, you can transform it into a project and keep all of the elements you've qualified. To do so, you can have a look at the following tutorial : Convert your opportunity into a project

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