Survey is an application that allows you to survey your collaborators when they submit their monthly timesheets. It's an opportunity to ask questions about their overall satisfaction in the company, on the current project, etc.


Installing & configuring the app

Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Survey


Once the application is installed, remember to configure resource access to the application.


You have several options:


  • Accessible only by allowed managers: it's up to you to activate the App for the managers of your choice directly in the Managers/Roles > Manager or Role card > Apps tab, then check the option at the end of the corresponding line.
  • Accessible for all managers: all your collaborators with a Manager account can use the App.
  • Accessible only for allowed managers & all resources: all your resources can use the App, as well as authorized managers as explained in the first option.
  • Accessible for all managers and resources: all your collaborators can use the App.
Creating a survey

To configure a survey, you need to have access to the Administration.

Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Survey > Configuration

From this page, you can add, modify, archive, or delete surveys.

You will then have the possibility to: 


  1. Enter the survey's subject or question 
  2. Select the type(s) of profiles concerned by the survey
  3. Choose the type of response to the survey question
  4. Enable/disable the ability for the user to comment on their response
  5. Archive: No longer display this question in the concerned timesheet surveys but keep a record of the responses given so far 
Viewing survey results

There are two ways to view the responses to a timesheet survey:

  • When validating timesheets


  • Directly in the Survey app where responses to different surveys are compiled. You are then free to configure filters to display the results that interest you. If you wish to further analyze these results, you can also extract the results to CSV format. To do this, click on the icon. 


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