Installing & configuring an app

Apps are applications that allow you to add complementary features to BoondManager. You can install apps from the Marketplace; a page that contains all the apps available on BoondManager. 


Installing an application 


In order to be able to install an app, you must imperatively have access to the Administration. 

Getting to the marketplace 

Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Marketplace tab

From this page, you will see the list of apps available on BoondManager: 


By clicking on the app, you will have access to the following details: 


  1. General information on the app: title, category, website
  2. Description 
  3. Price of the app (most of them are free!)
  4. Install button
  5. Editor information

Installing the app 

To install the app, all you need to do is click on the app card then click on the Install ( 4 ) button.

You will see a pop-up window appear: 


This message requests that you:

  • Enter the installation code (only when Boond isn't the editor of the App). For the majority of apps, there are no codes necessary.
  • Confirm that you authorize the app to have access to/edit your BoondManager data (the app will only edit the data that you choose to edit).

Once you have clicked on Confirm, the app will be installed on your interface and you will now find the following icons:


  1. Configuration (cogwheel)
  2. Button to 'Configure resources app access' in order to chose which users will be able to use/have access to this app and configure potential features 
Configuring an application 


To be able to install an app, you must imperatively have access to the Administration. 

After installing an app, you must configure it in order to: 

  • Choose which user can use/have access to this app 
  • Configure potential features 

Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Apps tab 

Configuring an application

Configuring the app

Click on the Configuration button Capture_d_e_cran_2020-06-18_a__14.59.11.png

If the app that you wish to install appears in this list, click on the link to be redirected to the dedicated article that details their specific configuration: 

If this isn't the case, this means that:

  • This app does not require configuration 
  • The configuration of this app consists of choosing for which users you wish to install this app by default. 

Authorizing resources to have access to the application 


  1. App visibility:  
    • Accessible only for allowed managers: you need to enable the app to the managers of your choice directly in the Managers / Roles module > Apps tab then enable the app in question
    • Accessible for all managers: all your collaborators who own a manager account can use this App 
    • Accessible only for allowed managers and all resources: all your resources can use this App, as well as the managers to whom you have enabled access (as explained in the previous point
    • Accessible for all managers & resources: all your collaborators can use the App


  2. Enabling the application for a manager account(s): in case of need, a message informs you that the installed app requires to be enabled for each of your manager accounts. In order to do this, go to Managers/Roles in the Administration, and in a role/manager card > Apps tab, enable the application in question. 

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