ExtractBI allows you to create custom extractions using SQL queries to directly query the tables in your BoondManager database. 

The application meets the following needs:

  • Custom extraction not provided natively by BoondManager
  • Construction of flat files (CSV)
  • Periodic extractions intended to be integrated into a BI tool


Installation & app access configuration


The use of this app is reserved for qualified users with knowledge of SQL language and relational databases. Furthermore, configuring queries requires access rights in Administration.


Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Marketplace tab > ExtractBI


Configuring resource access to the app


You must decide who will have this application installed by default:

  • Accessible only by allowed managers: it's up to you to activate the App for the managers of your choice directly in the Managers/Roles > Manager or Role card > Apps tab, then check the option at the end of the ExtractBI line.
  • Accessible for all managers: all your collaborators with a Manager account can use the App.
  • Accessible only for allowed managers & all resources: This option will be identical to the first option and will have no effect for intranets who won't have access to reporting.
  • Accessible for all managers and resources: This option will be identical to the second option and will have no effect for intranets that do not have access to reporting.


We recommend choosing "Accessible only for authorized managers" to choose for which managers you want to activate the app from the Administration > Managers/Roles.

General app configuration

Choosing the recipient of periodic extractions

ExtractBI allows you to configure queries that run on demand or automatically according to a frequency of your choice. These queries will generate results in a CSV file that you can download.

If you choose to run them automatically, the generated CSV file will be stored in the Download Center. To do this, you need to choose the manager who will have access to these CSV files so that they can find them in their Download Center (We recommend choosing an administrative account here):


To go further:

You may need to pass the extractions to a third party who does not have access to BoondManager. For this, you will need to check "Anonymous Access", which will allow you to use a sharing link usable by someone who is not logged into BoondManager:


Using query templates 

To make it easier for you, we offer preconfigured query examples, available in the "Query Templates" tab:


You can preview the queries, and if one interests you, you can then open it and click on the "+" on the top right to create a new custom query from this template:


Once the query is created from the template, you can refer to the next chapter "Creating a Query" to modify it as desired.

Creating a query


Creating a query is reserved for qualified users with knowledge of SQL language and relational databases. Furthermore, configuring queries requires access rights in Administration.

Query configuration is done in the Administration, in the application configuration:

Administration > Apps / Marketplace > Apps tab> ExtractBI > Configuration button then Create button:


First, enter the title of the query, which allows you to easily identify which extraction it is. You can complete it with a more detailed description, then specify whether the extraction will be automatically launched according to a given frequency:


Then, enter the query itself, separating the SELECT, FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY (optional), and GROUP BY clauses:



At each step of your query, a check is performed to ensure that the query does not contain errors. You can view the result of this check using the icon in the top left of the screen. When your query is correct, a green checkmark appears. If you do not see this green checkmark but a red cross, your query cannot be executed by users:


You can then save and preview/launch the query by following the steps in the next chapter.

Previewing results

Once your query is created, you can check the consistency of the obtained results by previewing them: 


A sample of the first results is displayed as a table, presenting the data as it will be extracted in the CSV file:


Launching the query

To generate the complete file of results, you need to launch the query. You can perform this action in Administration, in the same place as for configuring the query, or directly in the Apps menu on the left, by choosing the ExtractBI app.

To the right of each query, a "Launch the query" button allows you to generate the file:


You are then prompted to produce the file with column titles in French or English, and with an encoding of your choice. Finally, click on Extract to generate the file and download it:


Sharing the query with another manager

Configured queries can be shared with another manager (e.g., a co-director). To do this, get to the query card and click on "Shared with". You can then choose the second user who can launch this query:


Nota Bene: The chosen user can launch the query but cannot modify it.

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If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

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