A new year looks like the right time to assess what happened during the previous one! And we're very proud of all of the evolutions we delivered throughout 2020.

Therefore, we suggest you having a look at a selection of our major evolutions from last year :)


Redesign of the dashboards

From now on, the Dashboard is made of the two different tabs :


The synthesis tab enables you to see your last timesheets, expenses and absences but also one or different graphs (configured on the admin side) and some documents if the CorporateDocs app has been installed and activated



The Notifications tab will help you quickly find the notifications which have been set up. The notifications are gathered per topic and you'll only see the titles. You can open up all of the notifications or just the ones you've selected.



Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of the receipts

When you create a new expense, you can directly drag and drop your receipt (bill, till receipt) for the tool to analyse the document and pre-fill the expense for you. You only have to check everything is ok and save (and validate if you're completely finished with your expense).


To find out more, please have a look at (content in French) this release note (7.9)

New documents viewer

The viewer app allows you to preview documents without having to download them (quite convenient to quickly read CVs, receipts, purchase orders...).



To find out more about this app, please have a look at the following tutorial (content in French) : Viewer


LinkedIn Gadget

You were all waiting for it and here it comes :)

It's now possible to add a new candidate into BoondManager directly from LinkedIn.


To find out more, have a look at this article (content in French) : LinkedIn Gadget

Search optimisation

In order to allow you to carry out more efficient searches on the Candidates, Resources and CRM modules, we changed the way the searches work.

From now on, you can use the words "AND", "OR", "NOT" as well as the brackets in order to carry our more advanced searches.

ope_rateurs_de_recherche.gif To find out more, please have a look at (content in French) this release note (7.9.1) 


Sales administration

PostProduction new features

2020 was also the opportunity for us to deliver new features aiming at simplifying your billing process


PostProduction new features

PostProduction is the flagship app to help you optimise the billing process of your delegation of skills projects. With the new features, having 5 or hundreds of projects to bill will make no difference :

  • A lighter view for your comfort : you can unfold / fold each project for a better visibility and to navigate more easily in PostProduction
  • The validation status of each timesheet is directly visible : for each delivery of the project, you have the validation status of your resource's timesheet
  • Adding notes : you can now add notes and reminders to help you and other team members
  • Collecting signed timesheets : have a look at the next point below


To find out more, please have a look at our (content in French) webinar about billing and to (content in French) our PostProduction tutorial.

Signed timesheets

In order to help you collect the signed timesheets and easily send them to your clients, BoondManager now offers to :

  • Identify the projects you need to collect the signed timesheets for
  • Alert your resources when they need to upload a signed timesheet
  • Identify the missing signed timesheets on your projects
  • Prevent billing when a signed timesheet is missing
  • Append the signed timesheets to your invoices (via Emailing or in the Download Center)

To find out more, please have a look at our (content in French) dedicated tutoriel.


Human Resources

Legal value to electronic receipts

We've decided to partner with Signaturit to offer a legal value to the electronic receipts added to the expenses (with a certified date and time stamp and a digital storage for 10 years).


To find out more, please have a look at the (content in French) related release note (7.9) 

ExtractPayroll new features

ExtractPayroll is the app used to have a concise view of the validation stages of timesheets and expenses but also to generate a payroll data csv file.

The new features :

  • A lighter view for your comfort : you can unfold / fold each line to see the details of the advantages paid each month
  • You can sort the order per each column to make it easier to prioritise the reminders you need to send for timesheets and expenses validation
  • Adding notes to allow you to pass on important information that will be extracted in the csv file


To find out more, have a look at our (content in French) dedicated tutorial.

Accountancy & Payroll

A complete redesign was done to make our accountancy and payroll app more user friendly and that way make it easier for you to set it up.

We also improved our exports to be compliant with some major actors on the market : Silae, Sage and Cegid


To find our more, please have a look at our (content in French) dedicated tutorial.

Automation / Integration

Some APIs for all of your desires

This year was the opportunity for us to finish to deliver our new APIs. They offer huge possibilities and enable you to make your craziest dreams come true!

Those APIs will enable you to automate everything that can be done in BoondManager (via the interface). That way, if you wish to automate the reading/creation/modification/deletion of your cards then you just need to use our API to do so.

Here is some documentations which might be of your interest :

Tip to know which API call to make :

Generally, to know which API to use, you just need to navigate in BoondManager on the page/view you'd like to create an automation for and then look at :

  • your browser URL : to see the name of the API to call
  • the "Network" tab of your browser console : in order to retrieve the detail of the request which has been sent
Zapier integration v1.0

Zapier is an app which will help you connect your different tools (without coding) in order to automate some actions from one tool to another one according to your needs. This way you can :

  • Automate the creation of a candidate, a company, a CRM contact or even an opportunity when a form of your choice has been filled in
  • Create an action in BoondManager as soon as an event has been added to your calendar
  • Create an action in BoondManager as soon as an email has been received in your inbox
  • Create a resource in BoondManager as soon as a candidate is considered as "hired" in your ATS
  • Update automatically the status of your invoices if you have a bank reconciliation tool (accountancy tool or any other...)
  • etc...

To find out more about that, please have a look at our (content in French) tutorial about this subject.


And many more new features

Find out more

Generation of customised templates (🔍)

  • Generate your own customised CV
  • Generate your own customised Contracts
  • Generate your own Quotations
  • Generate your own Invoices/Credit notes

General navigation

  • Filter per project type in the production plans (🔍)
  • Order the result per columns (🔍)
  • Bulk changes possibilities were extended (🔍)
  • Redesign of timesheets, expenses and absences (🔍)
  • Lighter views thanks to material design (🔍)

Human resources

  • Indicate a reason for ending a contracts (🔍)
  • Availability of new comers better managed as we base it on the start date of their contract (🔍)

Sales administration

  • Migration and improvement of the SEPA app (🔍)


  • Generate a credit note directly from an invoice (🔍)
  • The delivery titles are directly displayed in PostProduction (🔍)
  • The ExceptionalActivity app was migrated and improved (🔍)

Project management

  • Migration, redesign and improvement of the ResourcePlanner app (🔍)
  • Groupments : you can now define a Daily sales charge per resource (🔍)


  • DocTemplates : examples of templates and a more user friendly documentation (🔍)
  • Each calendar can be customised (🔍)
  • Migration and improvement of the ExtractBI app (🔍)

Reporting/Data analysis

New indicator are available :

  • Reporting > Resources : total expenses cost and total re-billed expenses cost (🔍)
  • Reporting > Projects : turnover production / resource 
  • Reporting > Synthesis - Global : production cost 


We hope that this article has been of any help and we invite you to let us know what you thought about if by voting just below

If you still have some more questions, feel free to get in touch by contacting our support team who will be more than happy to help out :

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