Just like every month, we've released a lot of new features and this month, we have so much to share with you emoji_sourire.jpeg.

We let you discover what February has got for you!

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We can now display the pictures of your resources, candidates and CRM contacts

Being able to associate a picture to a resource, a candidate or a CRM contact was a long-awaited evolution.

We always try and do our best to meet your expectations and this feature is now available.


In one click, BoondManager takes care of everything! Just take a look below emoji_sourire.jpeg.

From a candidate, resource or contact CRM, you'll be able to associate a picture.

You'll have the choice between using Google to search for the image (suggested by default) or import an image of your choice.



Displaying the logo in the CRM

From now on, BoondManager takes care of assigning a logo to the companies in your CRM. 


This will be done automatically when saving the creation of a new company. If the logo does not suit you, you can still change it.



Upgrade of our LinkedIn gadget (CRM & photo)

You were all waiting for it and it's now available. Our BoondManager extension for LinkedIn has evolved and now enables you to:

  • Create a new company or a new CRM contact via LinkedIn
  • Update the information of the companies and contacts already in BoondManager
  • Add the LinkedIn pictures when creating candidates and CRM contacts

Prerequisite :

From Chrome : please go to the Chrome Web Store in order to add our BoondManager extension to your browser.

From Mozilla Firefox : please open your browser and copy/paste the following URL in the search bar: https://www.boondmanager.com/wp-content/addons/boondmanager_for_linkedin.xpi and then click on Add. Then if you wish, you'll need to think of activating the extension even when you're using the private navigation.


We've improved the way we manage the billing information

We've done a real lifting in order to make it easier to manage the billing instructions and details.

New Billing tab on the companies

To avoid any kinds of confusion between the sales and the billing information of the company, and in order to make the billing information more secure, we've created a new billing tab.

This tab will contain :

  • The invoices,
  • The orders,
  • The billing instructions.


W've simplified the way we display the billing details

Cards system

To make it easier to see the different billing details, we've decided to use a card display view:


New way to add emails

From now on, when you fill in emails in the billing details, Boond will be looking for the emails already existing in the CRM contacts.

However, you still have the possibility to add an email address which is not already somewhere in your CRM.


We've made the modifications/deletions of the information used on the invoices more secure

Thanks to this improvement, you will no longer be likely to modify data impacting the existing invoices.

Indeed, when the billing details are being used on a purchase order, Boond will ask you if you want to update them.


New section: billing methods

A new section is now displayed on the orders. This enables you to manage more easily the billing details, to add billing instructions as well as the sending mode.


From the Billing module > Invoices sub-tab, you can filter per sending mode. This will help you group more easily the invoices based on this criteria and this way you'll be able to save time!

We've made it easier to manage the billing details

From now on, you can edit/update the billing details directly from the order. This way, it will spare you some clicks and will be more efficient emoji_sourire.jpeg !


Extractions have been improved

Following on the the evolutions concerning the orders (billing instructions and sending mode), you'll have the possibility to find those two pieces of information when extracting the billing data.


Lifting of the invoices

Some billing and times information have been hidden by default

In order for you to have a more direct view on the important content of the invoice and to prevent you from scrolling, we have made some changes on the way we display some information.


Your invoices are now more secure

Locking of the invoices

As soon as an invoice has been locked, none of the elements can be changed from the order or the company: payment term, billing details, footer.... All of the elements are locked!

We now keep track of the different PDF versions of the invoice

BoondManager is going to keep track of all of the different PDF versions of the invoices in order to better understand changes made before the invoice gets locked.

Concretely, if the invoice is locked, it can no longer be changed and each new generation of the PDF will reuse the last saved version

From the Actions tab, you'll also have the possibility to view the history of the different PDF versions. To do so, you will need to filter per action type > Notifications.



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