Delete and/or deactivate a Manager account

Is a manager leaving your company? 

Do you wish to change a manager account into an Intranet?

Therefore, here are the best practices to follow!



Best practices before deactivating a Manager account

In order not to lose any kind of important information, here are the three main points to follow.

Reassign the data which still need to be followed up on

You can reassign data individually or in bulk. To do so, before deactivating the manager account, go to the different modules and filter per the manager perimeter. Then, reassign the data.

If you have any doubt doing this, you can have a look at the following tutorial: Reassign data to another Manager

It's important to bear in mind that as soon as the manager account has been deactivated, it will no longer be possible to filter per his/her perimeter. Nevertheless, the data will still be available depending on each user's rights. Also, as soon as the data is reassigned, the new manager will get the future notifications to be sent.

You can decide not to reassign the data if it no longer requires any follow-up.

Check the validation workflows

It's very important to amend the validation workflows before deactivating the manager account if he/she is part of them.

To do so, go to the Administrator interface > Legal agencies > Activities & Expenses tab

Or you can also directly edit the workflow from the resource's configuration page if the manager was only selected in a customised workflow.



To go further

You can use the AnsweringValidator app to modify in bulk the customised validation workflows for good.

It's important to make the change for all of the validation workflows: timesheets, expenses and absence requests.


Reassign the manager

If the manager account to delete is declared as another account's manager, you will need to declare another person as a new Manager.

To do so, you'll need to go to the Administration  > Managers/Roles > And then open each manager profile to change and update the declared Manager.


If the resources only have an intranet, then you just need to have the right to reassign and make the changes from the Resources module. You can also decide to reassign the HR Manager.



Deactivate or delete the manager account according to the situation



The manager is leaving the company

Once you've checked everything, you can go to the Administration > Managers/Roles > Deactivate the relevant manager



The ex Manager's account will be totally turned off.



The manager is downgraded as a Resource

Once you've checked everything, you can directly delete the account from the Administration > Managers/Roles > Click on the bin icon at the end of the line (when doing so, you have to make sure that the account is still active)



By doing this, the manager will be deleted but his/her profile as a resource will still be active (with an intranet account).
(Beware, if you just deactivate the manager account, all kinds of access will be cut off).




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