BoondManager keeps getting better and we're proud to present the upgrades part of this new version :)


Creation of an activity history

On every card, Notifications used to be generated when some of the fields were modified (ex : changing the state) or when some actions were carried out (ex : sharing data).

From now on, all of the updated information will be logged in an Activity history, which will be accessible depending on each user's rights: 

  • at the bottom of any card to check all of the modifications/updates made on this particular card
  • From the personal menu (accessible by clicking on one's name) of the user to see the modifications/updates on all of the modules/data in the system


A manager can get access to the Activity history on a particular card only if he/she has the editing rights on the relevant data.

In the same way, a manager will get access to the "global" Activity history (from his/her personal menu) only if he/she has access to the administration interface AND the absolute rights of reading/editing on all the group data.


Resources module now available on the mobile app

On IOS and Android, the Resources module is now available without going onto the web navigation.

This way, you can see all of your resources. Also, from a resource profile, you can carry out quick actions (calls, sms, emails) or even access the timesheets, expenses and absence requests.


Upgrade of the Accounting & Payroll app

Thanks to your different suggestions, we've been able to upgrade our app

General settings

Administration > Apps/Marketplace > Compta et Paie > Settings button


From now on you can decide to:

  • Group expenses entries per expense category (accounting)
  • Group absences per period (payroll)
  • Extract the unit amount, quantity or the total amount of Advantages paid (ex : meal vouchers)

We've added a new configuration section to be able to create ledger (GL accounts) per resource


A Configuration button has been added to the Expenses tab to allow you to register your resources' ledgers.

The extraction will take into account this ledger number if it has been filled in, or the personal ID number of the resource otherwise.

Make capital letters mandatory when displaying NAMES

To differentiate easily between first names and last names and for a more coherent layout, we now display all last names (and company names) in capital letters when searching through the modules. This will be available on the following types of cards:

  • Candidates
  • Resources
  • CRM contacts 

When the information is displayed in the different modules. 

Modification only implemented on screen display .

If you have entered your data without capitals, it will be saved in your data base the way you qualified it. Also, if you extract the data, capitals won't be enforced and the data will be extracted the way you entered it.


Fixed price projects end date

From now on, it will be easier to qualify fixed price projects as the project date will adapt to the deliveries renewals. When a delivery or a groupement will be created or updated

  • if the end date is superior to the project end date =>the delivery end date is copied into the project end date

  • if the start date is inferior to the project start date =>the delivery start date is copied into the project start date

You will still have the possibility to manually modify the start and end date of your fixed price projects. But thanks to this feature, you will no longer have to update the dates every time the deliveries are modified.


Display data per update date

In order to display data in a more relevant way in the different modules, the cards which will have been recently updated will be displayed at the top of the list (when no filter/key word has been selected/entered). They will be sorted by last activity date and this date corresponds to the most recent date between the card update date and the correlated cards update date (actions, positionnings...)

This way, the actions created on the card will no longer be considered as updates in order not to skew the "Update date" field of every card (therefore, an update is now linked to a change carried out directly on one of the fields of the card)

Only available when no filter/key word has been selected/entered

This sorting is only applied by default, which means that if you decide to sort data per another criteria, you will have to reset filters (advanced filters) to go back to the default sorting.

Performances improvement

In order to improve our performances, we have released several major (non visible) improvements  to this new version:

  1. PDFs generation have been improved
  2. "Notifications" have been taken off to be integrated in an Activity history (which will make the actions, dashboards and reporting module lighter)
  3. Bulk changes and modifications are now dealt with in an "asynchronous" way so that you can keep navigating without waiting and that the actions are carried out as soon as possible


We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have other questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

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