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BoondManager offers powerful extension capabilities. We provide multiple access points to add custom behavior, consult your data via an API and allow users to access self-hosted applications from within BoondManager.

As a customer, we give you access to our internal API. You have literally access to any information you need to build a custom App (our jargon for plugin or extension). It can be external or embedded within our application.

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BoondManager is a SaaS ERP dedicated to consulting & engineering companies.

Our API and application allows for extended customization and has the ability to connect with other software.

Interacting with BoondManager is possible in 2 ways:

  • An App embedded in BoondManager: best solution to enhance the user experience with additional features. It is  a self-hosted application that requires a dedicated view within BoondManager.
  • An external app: best suited for batch jobs and backend applications that retrieve and push data to BoondManager without the need for a custom UI within BoondManager. Check our API and the authentication section.

The advantages of creating an embedded App are:

  • Optimal integration with BoondManager.
  • Optimized user experience: the user can interact with your App within BoondManager while maintaining his usual workflow.
  • Customized visibility: the App can be made public or private:
    • Private: only available to your company.
    • Public: available on our App store to all our customers free of charge or for a designated fee.
  • Fine grained access policy: Your BoondManager admin can set access rights to the App for every user.
  • Access to our API: Once your App is installed, you can call any API using the token you received during the installation process. No need to provide user or client credentials.
  • Multiple access point within BoondManager: a user can access your App using one or more configured access points:
    • Triggers: we provide a set of event you can subscribe to and that will call your app if triggered.
    • Buttons: you can declare buttons as needed in specific tabs within modules views. Your App will be displayed when a user clicks.
    • iFrames: you can declare specific iFrames in specific tabs within modules views that will open your App.


The extension capabilities using our API are unlimited. If the data is available you can access it.

We want developers to build their Apps safely. We provide the ability to autonomously create a sandbox from a production environment. Developers can, then, build their App, test it on the sandbox  and switch to production when the App is ready and fully tested.

We took advantage of our Apps to build integrations with other software:

  • Notificationsget warn or alert when something goes wrong on BoondManager.
  • Emailing: send mass emails to candidates, resources or contacts
  • Microsoft: integration with Microsoft's suite
  • GCalendar & GMail: integration with Google's suite
  • HireAbility: integration with the Hireability, an effective resumé and job parsing solution
  • Accounting and Payroll: allows to export files that can be used as imported into Sage (Ligne 100 or Coala), CEGID, Silae for your accounting and payroll data

To stay up to date with our REST API, you can subscribe to the following section.

If you are ready to jump in and start building new apps, you can start with the Quick-start Guides. 

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