This application allows employees to declare their working hours and break times for each day worked.


How to install and setup the Hour Accounts app ?


Administration > Apps/MarketPlace > MarketPlace tab

Hour Accounts installation


Once installed, you'll need to configure certain parameters.


Configuration section

  • Contract types
  • Rest times during the day

The Number of hours of rest between 2 working days and the Number of consecutive hours of rest in a week are already set by default but you can modify them if needed.

Default hours settings section

  • Begin Morning and End Morning
  • Begin Afternoon and End Afternoon
  • Total hours per day
  • Total hours per week


Don't forget to check that you have set a default number of hours.

To do this, go to Administration > Legal agencies > select the legal agency concerned > HR data tab.

If you have already created HR contracts for your resources before setting this default configuration, you will need to update all HR contracts. In this case, you can use the Contracts app, which will enable you to update them more quickly.

How to use the Hour Accounts app ?

First use

When using the application for the first time, your resource will need to:

  • go to the Hour Accounts section
  • click on Configure now 
  • save the administrator's default configuration


Next steps

For the following months, your resource will only have to:

  • update the Hour Accounts if needed
  • check the checkbox "I validate the hourly statements entered"
  • save and validate the timesheet

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