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Generate different document types from the same card

Until now, the DocTemplates app used to allow you to only generate one document template per card (and it was possible to have a different template linked to an agency, a pole, a client or a language).

From now on, you're going to be able to generate more document types (eg: letter from the employer, trial period validation, equipment loan, mission order, delivery order...)

To do so, you can now associate several templates to the same category and this way choose the one you'd like to use.


How to set this up?

Administration > Apps/Marketplace > DocTemplates > Configuration

  1. Save your documents by respecting the naming instructions


  2. Drop your file to upload it


  3. Name your document for its title to be visible when downloading it


Default naming of your templates

If you do not modify it, your template will be visible reusing the name of the word template, however, the [] and the _ will be removed.

Unique template for the invoices and quotations

To generate your invoices and quotations, it won't be possible to choose from different templates as they need to be unique and can be sent via our Emailing app. If you need to generate different commercial offers, we recommend associating it to the "Opportunity"

Generate documents from more cards than before

To even more enhance this app and meet more of your expectations, it's now possible to generate documents from:

  • Delivery cards to be able to generate customised mission orders, subcontracting agreements , ...


  • Opportunity cards to generate commercial offers
  • Purchases cards, to generate subcontracting agreements etc.
  • Order cards to be able to generate Delivery orders


  • Resources cards to generate various documents such as equipment loans, various permissions, ...


Configuration of these new templates

Administration > Apps/Marketplace > DocTemplates > Configuration

As you can see it, we've added a great deal of categories for you to generate templates from those new cards (Administrative documents, Opportunities, Deliveries, Missions orders, Client order, Purchases).


New variables and updated titles

In order to make it easier for you to use and manage our variables, we've decided to rename them and have added some new ones at the same time.

To find out more, feel free to have a look at our documentation.

Updated version of our Filters

We've improved the way you can see the applied filters

Say goodbye to the "Advanced filters" and the different clicks to see the filters you'd applied to your searches.

Applied filters

From now on, at first glance, you are able to visualise the selected filters


Kind of keywords searches

Keywords searches have been simplified for you to easily see the kind of keywords you've selected.



Overall use of keywords have been simplified

We decided to go even further and made it easier to select the filters or modify the ones you've applied.

Click on the tag to directly open it

When filters are selected, you'll just need to click on the tag to access the filters and modify them, if need be.


Bigger window to configure each filter

With this new modal view, selecting the filters have been made easier and the different information is now easier to read, which will save you some scrolling 😍


"Period" filter has been simplified

We've added a periodicity notion (month, quarter, semester, ...) and we now give you the possibility to easily navigate from one period to the other.


We've reorganised the Filters on the Reporting


We've got rid of the basic/advanced filters

No more need to click on the advanced Filters to delete one or several of them. From now on, you just need to click on the cross on each "tag".



Actions: it's now easier to close the action modals

In order to improve your browsing experience and cut down on the number of clicks, when an action is open you can now click on Escape to fold it again.

On top of that, after sharing an action, it will automatically close.



It's now easier to share access to your managers

When you create a manager account, you can directly share his/her access from the manager card without having to go back to the resource card.


Identify the opportunities with no positioning

We've added the possibility to select "Without positioning" in the "State (Positioning)" filter in order to identify the opportunities with no positioning at all (including inactive positioning)

This way, you can quickly identify those opportunities which might have not been dealt with at all.


Activities and Expenses

Reminders: a smarter emailing

If your resources have already created and validated their timesheets before the automatic reminder, whose date has been set up in your configuration (legal agencies > "Activities & Expenses" tab), then they won't get the reminder.

This way, your resources will only get relevant reminders.

Expenses: allow users to delete their non validated expenses

If the expenses have not been validated by anyone, then its owner can delete it.

This will allow the resources to delete their expenses they might have created by mistake so that they don't get reminded every day to validate them.



If the document has been closed, it will never be possible to delete it.


ExtractPayroll: ignoring the non validated expenses

When expenses have not been entirely validated, they will no longer systematically appear in the payroll extraction in order to reduce payroll errors.

When extracting payroll, you'll be able to select "Extract only validated expenses". On the extraction, if the expenses have not been entirely validated, then the total amount of the expenses won't be visible.



Survey: have the same rights as the ones on the Activities & Expenses module

It's possible to see on the Survey app all of the surveys which are visible on the accessible timesheets by the user.

Other new feature

SEPA : choose the data to extract from the "Contract" tab

You can now choose which data you need to extract amongst: salaries, expenses, advantages. This way, you can for instance generate a SEPA file just for the expenses payment.



We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

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