On the Candidates, Resources, CRM, Opportunities and Positionings modules, you can edit the view type and go from a list view to a board view called, like the well-known method: Kanban.

Kanban view: general explanation 

To activate the Kanban view, to the right of your search page, click on "View: List" to switch to "View: Kanban". 


The Kanban view allows you to: 


  1. Have a visual on the total of cards in each stage
  2. Change a card's stage with the Drag and Drop feature
  3. Sort out your cards by different criteria

Good to know: 

To change the stage of multiple cards at the same time, you can use the tool bar.


How cards work

Each card gives you information on:


  1. the card's creation date 
  2. how new the data is with the herringbone patterns. You can see what type of action report was last saved and what's the next incoming action.

    Good to know: 

    These patterns give chronological info. Meaning: 

    • Last action created less the 1 week ago (past mceclip3.png/ incoming mceclip7.png
    • Last action created between 2 weeks ago and 3 months ago (past mceclip4.png / incoming mceclip8.png)
    • Last action created over 3 months ago (past mceclip5.png / incoming mceclip9.png
    • There are no actions done mceclip6.pngor incoming mceclip10.png
  3. The number of active positionings (for Candidates/Resources cards)

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