A legal agency is a legal entity to which will be attached resources, projects, invoices, (...). Its configuration will be essential, because it will determine the default settings of all the cards (resources, HR contracts, orders, invoices, ...) that will be associated with it.


"Information" tab

Let's start configuring your legal agency! The first step is to complete the global information of your agency.

 Minor configuration before you start entering data:

  • You have to define the charges coefficient and the number of annual "working" days before creating your first contracts (because this will be used by default)
"Activities and Expenses" tab

This tab is essential to configure your timesheets, expenses, absences requests and also for the associated validation/reminder process. 

How to configure your collaborators' timesheets?

Exceptional activity

If your collaborators need to report exceptional activity (on-call duty, interventions, overtime, ...) then we invite you to read the tutorial (English tutorial incoming) about configuring and managing exceptional activity.

 Minor configuration before you start entering data

  • The date of document creation has to be defined for timesheets validation (so you can have all required data right in time for your first payroll preparation)


Configuring your collaborators' expenses

Configuring your collaborators' absences requests

"HR data" tab

This tab is for configuring advantage types (restaurant vouchers, transport card, co-opting bonus...) that your legal agency will offer and is also for configuring the default data of some HR contracts.

Exceptional activity

If your collaborators need to report exceptional activity (on-call duty, interventions, overtime...) then please read this tutorial (English tutorial incoming).

Minor configuration before you start entering data:

  • Defining the different advantage types you want to add to your collaborators' contracts.
  • Selecting as "default" all advantage types you want to automatically add to newly created contracts (very useful if an advantage is given to more than 50% of your collaborators)


"Billing" tab

The "billing" tab of your legal agency can configure the default settings of your clients' contracts and invoices, your logo, your invoice references and your bank details. It's crucial for it to be configured properly before creating your first orders.

Email issuer for your invoices

If you use a different email address than yours to send invoices, you imperatively need to be authorized (by your email provider) to "send emails as" this email address.

Minor configuration before you start entering data:

  • Defining your invoices's reference mask
  • Completing your bank details and legal notices before creating your first orders (otherwise, you will have to modify it on every order)
To go further: Advanced settings

This tab will allow you to go further in customizing the reference masks of your opportunities, projects, purchases, quotations, (...). Here, you can also activate advanced options that will allow you to use some, by default, disabled features. 


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