As the end of the year is nearing, we'd like to spoil you with these very expected new features :)

The whole BoondManager team wishes you the best for the end of year celebrations.

Workplace management


This new feature aims at:

  • knowing who's teleworking or on the premises
  • compensate your employees depending on their declared time for their different workplaces

If you want to follow up on your employees' workplaces for a given legal agency, therefore you'll need to set this up.

Administration> Legal agencies > select the right legal agency > Activities & expenses tab > "Workplace" section (at the very bottom of the page)


Add here the different workplaces that you wish to make available for your employees. For each of them, you'll be able to mention: 

  • Name: Name of the workplace that will be displayed in the dropdown in your employees' timesheets
  • Type: Workplace category amongst three options (Customer office, Company office and Home office)
  • State: Enables you to make visible or to archive a workplace


Administration> Legal agencies > select the right agency > Activities & expenses tab > "Timesheets alerts" section

The warnings

You can configure alerts and also decide to make them compulsory by activating "Forbid document validation"


  • The number of days declared on workplaces is bigger than expected (workable days - leaves)
  • The number of declared days declared on workplaces is lower than expected (workable days - leaves)

 Number of workable days

This number of days corresponds to the number of workable days within the employee's contract AND on which no absence has been declared.

Times declaration

Setting up a typical week

From their timesheet, the employee will be able to configure a typical week.


Your employee will then be able to set up his/her week:


Declaring times

Once the typical week configured, it will be pre-filled by default and if need be, you'll be able to declare modifications if there has been any changes.

As usual, you will have to declare your times and absences in the "Normal activity" section. 

If need be, you'll also be able to modify your typical workplaces week.


 Counter of workable days


This counter displays the number of expected days (which can be different from the number of working days if some absences have been declared in the "Normal activity" section)


Impact on payroll

Apps > ExtractPayroll > Configuration

You'll need to update your app's configuration to take this new feature into account.

New variables

New variables have been added to allow you to better manage your employees' advantages payment depending on their workplaces.


 Useful tutorial

If you do not feel comfortable with using those variables, feel free to have a look at our tutorial about ExtractPayroll

Configure the advantages payment rules

A column has been added to the advantages payment rules section to enable you to choose the workplaces the rules will apply for.


 Impact on the selection of "workplaces concerned"

Selecting workplaces will impact the variable [WKP_...] of this line by taking into account the information of the selected workplaces. If none of those variable types have been used on the line, then there is no use of selecting a workplace.

Configure the columns to extract

In the columns to extract, we've also added the new elements.


Other improvements

"X days end of the month Y" : we've improved the way it works

Changes have been made in the way the payment term "X days end of month Y" works in order to better manager your needs

Here are the 2 new elements to take into account:

  • We've renamed the condition "End of the month Y"
    sum of the X and Y values (in the "X days end of the month Y") in the new "X"
  • W've created a new condition "X days end of the month Y"
    with the following calculation mode: Deadline = End of the month (Invoice_Date + X) + Y days

 Impact on the payment rule

If you were using the former condition "X days of the end of the month Y", from now on, it will be called "End of month Y". If you wish to use the new payment term condition, we invite you to:

  • Add it using the following path - Administration > Global setting > "Billing" tab
  • select it in your clients orders
New filters on the Apps

From October 2021, we've have undertaken a complete redesign of the filters on the main modules.

From now on, all of the apps will benefit from this redesign.

iOS and Android mobile application

Sharing cards

From the BoondManager app on iOS and Androïd, you can now share all of the accessible cards from your mobile app.


This will enable you to draw your colleagues' attention on a particular card.

Very convenient to keep people updated or invite people to carry out actions.

Quick access to the cards' secondary cards.

On the Resources, Companies and Contacts cards, accessing the different sections has been made easier.


Workplaces management

All of the new features which have been developed on the web version are also available on the mobile app.


We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

If you still have other questions, feel free to get in touch with our Support team :

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