Whichever module you use, to avoid having to configure over and over again the same search criteria (keywords, filters, sorting and view), you can:

  • save your search criteria (i.e. Keywords = Developer AND Javascript, Avail. : ASAP, Mobility : Europe, View : Liste ...)

  • name this search to easily find it and use it again (i.e. "Java Developer available in Paris")


Saving searches

It's quite simple. To do so, go to the module in question, search and click on Save search.


Editing a saved search

To edit a search you should: 

  1. Change filters to fit to your new needs 
  2. Open the drop-down menu for saved searches
  3. Click on the pen to update the search you want to edit
  4. Rename the search
  5. Select "Update search criteria with the actuel search criteria"
  6. Save


Deleting saved searches

Here's how to do it:


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