In this article, you will see the two methods for retrieving your clients' and prospects' data.


📇 Retrieving your CRM data manually

We recommend retrieving your data manually only if you don't have, beforehand, any exploitable data (Excel file, etc.). If this is not the case, then we invite you to go to the "Retrieving your CRM data via Import" section of this article and invite you to import your data.


Since a contact is necessarily linked to a company, you will always need to create the company before creating a contact. 

 Good to know:

If you plan to retrieve your invoicing data in BoondManager, it is advised to directly integrate the billing details of your clients when creating the cards.


🎯 Retrieving your CRM data via Import

If you have a large volume of data and these are exploitable, you are in the right section and the following videos will explain the steps to follow.

To find the dedicated tutorial for imports and therefore access the files, click on this link.

Qualifying your import file

Importing your file


Before importing your data, make sure you have:

  • removed unused columns
  • removed help information (line 2 of the file)
  • converted the file to .csv

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