Once more, with Spring finally coming around, our teams went the extra mile to offer you very cool new features!

Navigation et collaboration

Threads on all the different cards

In order to facilitate communication between users, we have changed our cards sharing feature and we have developed a thread system on every single card.


When you share a card, each of the recipient can directly answer in BoondManager and reach out to other uers by tagging their names.

The aim is to allow you to centralise the exchanges (beforehand through emails) and this way you won't lose track of the different elements in BoondManager.

Start a discussion

Two possibilities:

By sharing a card


Directly from the card


Following up on a discussion

Once the discussion started, an email is sent to the right recipients with a link allowing them to answer and to access the card linked to the discussion.



Shared saved searches

As from January, you've been able to save searches. We've decided to go further and to allow you to share your saved searches to other managers.

This will allow you to better structure everyone's searches. This way, team leaders will be able to create searches and share them to the right managers.

Configuration of the feature

Administration > Managers / Roles > Role card or Manager card


You have 3 possibilities:

  • Edit personal saved searches
    This is the current behaviour. This will allow each manager to create his/her personal saved searches
  • Share saved searches
    This will give the user the possibility to create searches and share them (only his/hers)
  • Share and edit any saved searches
    The user will be able to edit and share any of the saved searches (whoever the creator is)

How to use this new feature

From now on, if you've been granted the right to share saved searches, you can use this feature. You'll see a new section displayed when creating or viewing the saved search:


An icon will be displayed if the search has been shared: Capture_d_e_cran_2022-04-06_a__15.26.46.png

Templates management

As an administrator you can manage templates

To do so, a new section has been added in the administration.


From this section, you'll see all of the saved searches and will be able to modify/update the people able to see them.


New CV parser

We have decided to change our parsing solution for more efficiency and performance.

Thanks to this new solution, you'll benefit from:

  • Better performance in recognizing the different elements: references, degrees, skills
  • Retreiving the photos on the CVs
  • Possibility to parse any kind of formats (even images)


Breaking news, we're very happy to announce that thanks to new parsing solution, we will soon improve full text searches of our modules and that the parsed information will help a lot in giving more and more relevent and powerful results


Prevent invoices generation on a an earlier period

We've added a new feature which will prevent invoices generation on a date prior to the last date of an existing invoice.

This feature can be activated for each legal agency.

Administration > Legal Agencies > select the right legal agency > Billing tab



This feature will be activated for all of the legal agencies which have the same reference mask (even if the feature has not been activated of the agency directly)

If you try to generate an invoice on a previous period, you'll be notified when creating the invoice.



This way, if you generate an invoice on a previous date: 

  • the invoice will take the first available date
  • the invoice reference can be impacted if you have used the month variable


Double VAT management for Canada

In some countries, it is necessary to be able to apply several VAT rates on invoices and purchases

In order to help you with this, this new version offers the following enhancements:

  • authorise the selection of several VAT rates for some legal agencies
  • apply them on the invoices and purchases

  • adapt PDFs to take into account the different VAT applied

 Good to know:

This new feature is not activated by default and will not impact you if you're not doing any business with Canada.


Add the VAT rates

Administration > Global settings > Billing tab

In the first place, you need to create the different VAT rates:


Configure the legal agency

Administration > Legal agencies > select the right agency > Billing tab


In practice


The impacts

  • In the extractions, the VAT rate field will display the total VAT rate
  • The Compta & Paie app will display a different line for each VAT rate
  • New DocTemplates variables are now available and the existing variables won't be impacted

Mobile app

Timesheets e-signature for the mobile app

From the employee's timesheet, you'll now be able to send a unique link from BoondManager with the document to be validated by the client.



We hope that this tutorial has been of any help and we invite you to let us know by voting in the dedicated section below.

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