When the specific conditions are gathered on one card (Module, State and Type) you'll then be able to display a tasks list to be dealt with! This feature will be very useful to help better define and follow-up on your internal processes.


Create a tasks list


To create a tasks list, you need the access to the administration.

Administration > Templates section > Tasks lists tab

When creating a tasks list, you'll have to fill in the following fields: 


  1. Give the list a name
  2. Select the appropriate module: Candidates, Resources, CRM etc.
  3. Determine the concerned Types
  4. Determine the concerned States
  5. If you have several legal agencies, select the right agency
  6. Choose if it's one task only or a task with sub-tasks
  7. Describe the task
Follow up on the tasks

Visualise the tasks to be done

When the specific conditions are gathered, a banner with the tasks list will be displayed.


Validate a task

Each time a task has been done, you just need to tick it.

You will then have the possibility to hide it in order to only see the remaining tasks to be done.


Validate a multiple tasks list

You have two options:

  • Validate all of the sub tasks one by one
  • Validate the main task, which will offer you to validate all of the  associated sub tasks


Follow-up on the closed tasks

Once all of the tasks have been carried out, the banner will no longer be visible.

However, you'll be able to retrieve the list by clicking on the dedicated icon as well as all of the information about who carried out the task and when.



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