Seniority of your collaborators is available and also editable if necessary.


Presenting the feature

You can see the length of service and date of admission of your collaborators in the company, in the Administrative tab of your resources' cards. 


Calculating seniority

By default, this date is the date of the first day of contract created on the Resource's card. If one or more amendments are created after this first contract, the date used for the seniority will still be the date from the first contract

Good to know:

If you end a contract then create a new one that starts a day after the previous contract, the date used for calculating seniority will be the first day of the new contract.

How and When should I edit this date as I wish?

If you wish to, you have the possibility to edit the date used for calculating seniority by selecting it manually when clicking on the length of service and allowing manual entry.


In which case would you be required to edit the date of admission in your company? 

If you are in one of the following situations, you might need to manually change your collaborators' seniority:

  • Changing the type of contract :
    You chose to hire someone for a Permanent Contract (PC) that was previously on a work/study program within your company. Their Work/Study contract starts on the 01/01/2021 and ends on the 08/31/2022. Their PC contract starts on the 09/01/2022. In this case, the date used for calculating seniority will be the 1st of September, 2022. But if you wish to take into account their time within the company when they were on a Work/Study contract, you can then edit their date of admission.
  • Transferring data :
    When joining BoondManager and manually transferring your previous data on your interface, you wish to enter your Resources' data without necessarily recovering the whole data history of their contracts. In this case, you can enter their latest contract/amendment on BoondManager and edit the date of admission instead of the starting date of their contract. 


The seniority dates of your collaborators can be extracted into a file from the Resources module by clicking on the Extract icon. 


If the Extract button is not available to you

If you happen not to see the Extract button, it means you do not have the access for extracting on the Resources module. In order to change that, your administrator should go to Administration > Managers/Roles > your role/manager card > and should select Extraction in the Authorizations of the Module Settings.


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