If you would like to publish App and make it accessible from all BoondManager's customers, this section describes the prerequisite in order to be visible on our marketplace.


During the validation process, many steps will be validated :

  • Creating an editor card:
    • Fill all fields
    • Add a logo
  • Declaring your App:
    • Fill all fields
    • Add a logo 
    • Token security for X-Jwt-App authentication must be set on Temporary token
      • Your app must answer to urls:
        • /install
        • /uninstall
        • /validate
      • Your app can answer to url /configure
      • Your app has to manage refreshToken when appToken expires
    • Add APIs allowed
    • Add IPs allowed to connect


When you have finished, click on "Publish" button from your App's page, BoondManager will be notified from your request and contact you as soon as possible.


Then, once your App is validated, every customer on BoondManager could see it on our marketplace and install it for its own usage.

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