Creating templates for actions

On each module, you have the possibility to create templates that you can associate to a type of action. 


Creating personal templates

Straight from an action card


From your configuration

Your name > Configuration > Actions templates tab


Sharing your actions templates

This feature allows you to share your actions templates with your manager colleagues. 

Resource card > Configuration > Actions template 

gif partage modèles actions.gif


Administration > Managers / Roles > Roles tab > role card in question

Beforehand, you need to configure rights related to Sharing / Collaboration:

  • determine what your collaborator will see in the search list, 
  • authorize them to share their saved searches, actions templates and email templates. 


If necessary, don't hesitate to check our tutorial Creating and configuring a role

Creating shared templates for everyone

If you wish to create templates available to all your managers, you should create them in the Administration interface. 

Your name > Administration > Templates section > Actions templates tab


Using templates

When you want to create an action, you can choose to use a template. 

Once selected, the following fields are filled automatically by the selected template:

  • Type of action
  • Description

All that's left to do is write up your report. 😊



Once the template is selected, be careful not to select another template in order to avoid erasing the content of your report.

If it were to happen, no worries, we thought about it and gave you a cancel option. 😊



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