The menu bar integrates a launcher for modules and applications allowing you to optimize your menu bar.

Only add the items you use most frequently to your menu bar and access others through this functionality.


Organizing your menu bar

With the quick action button, you can quickly organize your menu bar.

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 Good to know

You can still configure your menu bar by clicking on your name and then going to the Configuration menu. But why subject yourself to so many clicks 😉

Searching for a module / app

🥳 You no longer need to add all modules and applications to your menu bar to quickly access them daily.

Once your menu bar is condensed, to temporarily access a module or app that is not present in your menu bar, simply click on the quick action button to browse the list of modules and apps or use the search bar to find the desired module, click, and you're done!




 I no longer see the Apps module. Why?

Apps are now accessible directly by clicking on the quick action button and then performing your search.

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