Extending a project or delivery

To ensure that you have properly extended your Time & Materials projects, this article will explain how to manage renewing deliveries.


Creating a renewal for your project's delivery

When to renew a delivery? 

Several situations may justify renewing a delivery, here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Your collaborator is renewed on a new order from your client
  • You want to project into the future by anticipating and extending the delivery (using the "Forecast" state)
  • Your collaborator has a new Daily Sales Rate (sales price) or a new Average Daily Cost (contract salary). 

Projects > Project card > Deliveries tab


  1. Select the Delivery(ies) to extend by checking the corresponding checkbox(es)
  2. Click on the "Create Renewal" button
  3. Click on the "Confirm" button in the pop-up window that appears on the screen
  4. Qualify the extended delivery (if necessary) by clicking on the delivery line: period, daily rate, number of days sold, etc.

If you want to associate a correlated order with this extension, which is useful for tracking billing and generating invoices, follow our tutorial for Managing your orders.

Turning an anticipated delivery into a signed delivery

Modifying a single delivery

Projects > Project tab > Deliveries tab > Delivery card


Modifying multiple deliveries

For this, I invite you to use the mass editing tool (pen icon after selecting deliveries), which will save you a lot of time. 😉

Projects module > Deliveries view


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